Wreck-It Ralph: Disney Puts Out A ‘Toy Story’ For Us Video Game Geeks

I loved Toy Story. All three of them in fact. Great cast of characters. Fantastic animations. And highly entertaining stories with some real heart. And yeah, lots of toys. But the biggest toy I had as a kid (besides my awesome Kenner Star Wars Millenium Falcon) was my Atari 2600.

Toys are awesome. But video games are… well, awesome-er. And Disney’s newest movie Wreck-It Ralph is literally giving me goosebumps. It’s basically Toy Story starring popular video game characters. The main story sounds great: Wreck-It Ralph is a bad guy in a 30-year-old video game. He’s sick and tired of being the bad guy, so he abandons his game and takes on the role of a good guy in other games. Yeah, that’s kind of against the rules.

What gets me so crazy pumped for this film, though, is that Disney didn’t cheap out. They didn’t just make up tons of characters and games or only use Disney characters. Nope. The trailers have shown off loads of familiar video game icons from Pac Man’s ghosts to Sonic the Hedgehog to Nintendo’s Bowser!

The latest trailer shows off even more classics including one of my *%*@! favorites, Qbert!

Did you catch the bartender from Tapper in there too?

The film comes out in November and I’m already lining up to see it twice! The only thing that could make this flick any better is if ticket prices were only a quarter.

Wreck-It Ralph Official Movie Site

 Shout-out to Drew from BenSpark.com for inspiring this post!

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  1. Andrew,

    Glad I could inspire you to write up the post. So very cool. I’m also stoked about his movie. I spent my childhood playing Atari, Nintendo and everything in between. The movie looks brilliant.

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