Anyone Wanna Go Halfsies With Me On the Ultimate Video Game Collection?


So my friend Brian is constantly IMing me links to interesting articles or websites out there. And by “interesting” I’m not talking about porn sites. At least not this time.

His latest share was an extremely dangerous one. It’s a link to an eBay auction for Over 30 years of Video Games! Well, gee. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years myself, so what’s the big deal? Well, apparently this guy in Milan, Italy bought practically every system that came out with zillions of games and accessories. This collection is MASSIVE.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:

The games count over 6850 pcs. with about 6780 boxed and 70 loose, and are in various format NTSC Japan or Usa and also PAL.
The consoles are over 330, with 307 system boxed and 24 loose, and even in this case we have all the different standards.
The controllers are about 220 with 167 boxed and 52 loose. I included all the kind of controller, from the simple joypad to the special controller like all the konami bemani to the densha de go train controller, and the arcade joystick as well.
The accessories are about 185, and in this category I put the ac adapters, the various av cables, the rumble packs, the memory cards, battery packs, the converters for the region locked games, and various other items like screens, printers etc.
The promo and various items are composed by promotional items like soudtracks or gadgets relate to a specific game or console, demo disc not for sale, limited edition item like the resident evil umbrella box or the Kratos twin blades, various action figures, strategy guides etc.etc.

Over 330 CONSOLES?!? And I thought I was cool for having an Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, NES, Nintendo64, SuperNintendo, and the Wii. This guy just totally schooled me and took all my quarters!

Look at some of the coolness in this collection:




Out of the 6 gazillion items in this collection, Jason was most excited about this…


Yeah, it’s Dance Dance Revolution with Mario. Totally worth buying the full set just for that, right?

Now, how much would you pay for this ginormous collection? Maybe I should ask how many mortgages you’d like to take out on your house instead?

Because the bidding STARTS at $550,000! Oh, and then there’s the issue of paying for shipping too.

So who’s ready to go halfsies with me? Anyone? Anyone?

See the full collection

7 thoughts on “Anyone Wanna Go Halfsies With Me On the Ultimate Video Game Collection?”

  1. Brings back a lot of memories. I’m dying to know if it will sell for that price and who buys it. It would make a great story (or blog) hint hint.

  2. Where in the world anyone put all that. That being said, I would love to have all that history, all my childhood prayers and then some, would be answered.

  3. This is pretty amazing. Like, really amazing. Oh, if only I weren’t married. With a kid. And with a vague sense of responsibility for providing the very basic necessities for my family. If not for those things, I would be ALL over this.


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