Blog Spotlight: Dianna from Oy Vey a Day

Meet Dianna from Oy Vey a Day!

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Blogger: Dianna
Blog Name: Oy Vey a Day

How’d your blog get its name?
Oy vey: a Yiddish phrase of exasperation or consternation. From the phrase, “oy vey iz mir,” meaning “oh woe is me.” 

As the mom of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, I have at least one “oy vey” moment every single day. I believe that the “oy vey” moments, while no fun at the time, often make for the best, longest-lasting memories. They are the moments I laugh about the most when sharing with family and friends – especially other moms.

What do you love most and least about blogging?
I like blogging because it pushes me to try new things. I used to say, “I’m not crafty” and “I’m not a good cook” at least once a week. Blogging has encouraged me to try more cooking, baking and crafting, and I’ve found that I’m not as bad at it as I thought I was.

I don’t have expert-level skills, so I try to find the easiest way to create things. I think that that combined with my background in technical writing makes my blog have some great tutorials. I work hard to make sure that my crafts and recipes are easy and have good instructions.

I dislike the stress of coming up with things to write about when I just don’t feel like writing (I know it’s shocking, but it happens).

Why do you blog?
I started blogging because I have the cutest and most maddening kids in the world. I thought it would be fun to write about them, our experience adopting them and my adventures in parenting.

Oddly, the blog is more about crafting, recipes, reviews and giveaways now. I really enjoy writing about those things – but, this simple question has reminded me that I need to write some more personal posts again. [Editor’s Note: That’s what I’m here for! -Andrew]

Pumpkin Truck 2What’s your favorite blogging tool?
Is it wrong to say that my favorite blogging tool is my husband? (He’s going to read this and accuse me of calling him “a tool” – but I will take the risk).

I have a background in writing, and he has a technical background. Together, we make a great blog team.

Does your family read your blog? Ever get in trouble because of it?
Sometimes, I think I could write anything I want about my family, and they would never know. I give them a hard time about it all of the time.

The only reason that I don’t write whatever I want about them is that my mom’s friends read the blog and tell her about it… and she can’t keep a secret, so she would tell everyone else what I wrote about them.

How has blogging affected your life?
It is so much busier! Many people think blogging is easy, but to do it well takes a lot of time and effort. Even then, you often wonder if you really are doing it well, and if it is all worth it.

But, all it takes is one person telling me that they liked one of my posts, and I realize that it is worth it.

What’s the most embarrassing post you’ve ever written?
I don’t think that I’ve written any posts that were embarrassing. However, as a former technical writer, I am always HORRIFIED when I find a typo. I am still losing sleep over the post title about “Choclate” that was on my site for a week before I noticed it. OY GEVALT!

Considering “Oy Vey” is in your blog’s title, you must feel comfortable being a Jewish blogger. Do you ever find it difficult writing about holidays like Christmas?
This is a tough question for me. I consider myself a Jewish blogger, but I converted to Judaism after marrying my Jewish husband. Therefore, I have experience with both Jewish and Christian traditions. Sometimes, I feel like a bit of a fraud talking about either.

But, as I always tell my son, it is a privilege and honor to help others celebrate important occasions in their lives. So, even though we celebrate Hanukkah, we can still enjoy all of the Christmas decorations, Christmas carols and, of course, Christmas cookies.

On a humorous note, when I was very little, I attended an Episcopal church housed in a building that was also a synagogue. The building was co-owned by the church and the synagogue, and they designed it so that the Church’s alter could easily be converted into the Synagogue’s bimah overnight.

I didn’t have the best experience at the church. Once on Christmas Eve, during midnight services, my hair caught on fire as I walked past an uncovered lit candle at the end of a pew. I didn’t realize that my hair was on fire, so when my dad (literally) slapped my upside the head, I was a bit shocked. I also got a bloody nose right before the Easter egg hunt one year – by the time I got outside, all of the eggs had been found.

Maybe those events were just signs that I was attending on the wrong day.

What’s the biggest “Oy Vey” moment you’ve had so far as a parent?
I wrote about it on my blog. Essentially, it was a misguided attempt to get my kid to pick up his LEGOs.

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16 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Dianna from Oy Vey a Day”

  1. I think if my hair caught fire like that I would have been traumatized forever… I can’t imagine what you thought when your dad “put the fire out” 🙂

  2. religion to me does not stop me from being friends with someone WE all have our own beliefs As long as the person does not try and convert me or shove it in my face everything is ok I have lots that are of different faiths and we are great friends

  3. Oy Vey is one of my favorite blogs! Thank you for featuring her. I love that you spread the word about other bloggers!! 🙂

  4. My biggest Oy Vey moment came when I heard whatever I told my 5 kids earlier repeated at night in the same tone of voice. Like imitates like.

  5. Nice to see a Jewish blogger! I’d like to see more cultures/tradition/religions featured in blogs. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist…….there are SO many different cultures here in Queens County, NY – it’s the most ethnically diverse county in the US. Sometimes it seems to me that the blogosphere is mainly inhabited by crunchy vegan Christians married to their best friends, and are homeschooling their 9 children.

  6. Nice to meet a another blogger,,I personaly don’t care what the religion of a person is,,even if I don’t worship the same I respect their right to believe how they choose,,,glad to see you promote all bloggers no matter what their beliefs are

  7. Thank you for featuring a Jewish blogger. I know there are lots out there, and they’re not hard to find, but I don’t see my family or culture much represented in the blogging world during the Christmas season.

    And while I’ve now started checking out Oy Vey a Day itself, to Dinah since I know you’ll read the comments here, I know exactly what you mean about feeling like a fraud writing about either. Don’t let that imposter syndrome get to you.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂 I always like to read about successful ladies, especially moms. It reminds me of all the hard work my mother as done for me and my brothers. I am always grateful for her and thank God for her. Thank you again Andrew. 🙂 All the best wishes to Dianna and, those days she burned her hair and had a bloody nose weren’t the best of days. God must have rewarded her for her troubles. God bless you Andrew and Dianna.

  9. Oh, boy, that kid has a long long memory. Don’t fret though, that will certainly be one of the most laughed at oopses of his childhood when he grows up.

    I had no idea Diana lived in Georgia, I do too. Just far enough across the line to not have to say I live in Alabama.


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