Are You Following Me on Bloglovin?

I used to use Google Reader all the time to keep up with the latest blog posts and articles from my favorite websites. It was a fabulous RSS reader that let me organize things and easily catch up on various interests from comic books to affiliate marketing. And then Google put its Reader out to pasture. Sniff.

I’m currently using Feedly, but don’t totally love it. It’s what I use for work now to keep on top of the latest industry news and it’s slick and all that, but it’s getting tough to keep an eye on work and all my blog friends. Recently every blogger and their mother seems to be using Bloglovin. So I signed up.

I haven’t had the chance to really dive in yet, but it seems to be a nice, robust, yet more mainstream-type of Reader. It lets me not just have a feed of blog posts based upon who I’m following, but it can also list the most popular, as well as introduce me to all-new blogs.

Here’s a look at what My Feed currently looks like:

Blog Lovin

I’ll report back soon after I’ve gotten more familiar with Bloglovin. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below! I’d love to hear what you like or hate about this blogging network/reader. There’s even an app to make it easy to read on the go, so I’ll be sure to try that too!

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19 thoughts on “Are You Following Me on Bloglovin?”

  1. I love Bloglovin’ even though I follow too many blogs to read all of them! I honestly NEVER used RSS or Google Reader. I have found if I really like a blog I will subscribe to their emails so I never miss a post.

  2. I felt sick when I first learned that Google Reader was going “Bye Bye.” Sick and lost! I honestly can’t remember a time BEFORE Google Reader and I kept foolishly hoping that somehow they would change their minds???

    I’d never even heard of most of the “alternatives” – except for Bloglovin (thanks mostly to blog giveaways that offer a giveaway for Following on BL) – but I still didn’t understand how to use it or even that it was a READER!

    I’m still a slow learning novice – but at least I’m getting used to it – and after all, familiarity DOES breed comfort…. Thanks for the opportunity to vent… and learn a little too.

  3. Of course I am following you on Bloglovin’. Rather closely, in fact. Some would consider that I am STALKING you on Bloglovin’.


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