My 13 Favorite Posts From 2013 and Yes 1 Includes Killing Andrea From The Walking Dead


Since it’s the last day of 2013, I feel obligated to join with the masses and share a Top 10 Greatest Hits type of list with my faithful readers. But I hate going with the crowd, so I’m doing a Top 13 Favorite Posts list to coincide with the 2013 year.

The past year has been an awesome one for Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. I’ve not only grown in stats but I feel like the blogs taking on a life of its own. I still love sharing goofy, silly things that me, Allie and the kids are doing, but I also love sharing all sorts of reviews and especially offering up better and better giveaways each month. I’m even making a decent chunk of change from the blog courtesy of ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts. It’s far from enough to live on, but it definitely helps us pay off some of our bills, so a big fat thank you to everyone out there. Every single page view, link clicked and online purchase (through an affiliate link) is appreciated far more than you know.

Anyways, my all-time favorite post ever (so far) is still Spider-Man, My Kids and the Kissing Episode, and it’s from 2012, so it won’t make the list. But definitely give it a read if you haven’t already.

This year’s Top 13 list is made up of my favorite posts of the year. These aren’t necessarily the most-read, most-commented or most-controversial posts. But they’re ones that either meant a lot to me, were a blast putting together or involved me getting hugged by my Twitter crush Kristen Bell. So take a look, enjoy the read and thank you once again for all of your comments and support! I’m hoping 2014 keeps the awesomeness going!

1. Honor the Newtown Tragedy By Doing Some Good

2. Kristen Bell Discusses Being a Weird Little Girl, Growing Up in Detroit, and True Love 

3. How to Be the Coolest Parents On the Planet Thanks to Dinovember!

4. How to Make Your Very Own Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Costume

5. Nerdgasm Alert: The New Captain America Movie Trailer is Beyond Awesome

6. Verizon Wireless Wants Me to Pay $30 For Being a Loyal Customer #EpicFail

7. How to Make Krabby Patty Cupcakes That’d Make Even SpongeBob SquarePants Jealous!

8. The Rock, #SuperMilkMan and Me

9. The Blog Post Where I Remove Hair From My Chest Using Bare for Men Waxing Strips

10. Twinkies Have Returned From the Grave and They’re the Tastiest Zombie Cakes Ever

11. How to Leave a Secret Message on Your iPhone – #WordlessWednesday

12. 10 Ways I Want to see Andrea from ‘The Walking Dead’ Bite It

13. 10 Things I Would Never Even Think About Doing Without Having Life Insurance

What was your favorite post of mine from 2013?

32 thoughts on “My 13 Favorite Posts From 2013 and Yes 1 Includes Killing Andrea From The Walking Dead”

  1. I’m a new reader, but I just went through all your highlighted posts, thanks for sharing!
    I haven’t watched the walking dead yet but I know so many people who love it, I’ll eventually get caught up hahah!

  2. I did not want andrea to get killed off the show! Yes she did annoy me in the beginning of third season (couldn’t stand her) however by the end of the season I was on her side again!

  3. I was so pissed when they killed her off… I’m kind of getting bored with the show. I hope the second half of this season finally brings some new material to the show.

  4. I loved the post about Andrea…. she was one of the few that I was actually glad to see go… well, and the governor of course 🙂

  5. I have a family filled with nerds so your blog calls to me…lol. We’re HUGE The Walking Dead fans and my 10-year old daughter cried at the mid-season finale because she didn’t want to wait until February to watch it again. You can bet she watched the marathon on New Years. I couldn’t stand Andrea either. I think her death (un-scene) was too noble for her.

    • Hey, Lisa! Thanks for the comment and any Nerd Family is a family of mine! 🙂 My kids haven’t watched the Walking Dead yet. Except for Plants vs. Zombies, they haven’t seen any other zombies yet. We just got through the Lord of the Rings trilogy though, so I feel like I’ve earned my Geek Stripes.

  6. Oh dear, that Spiderman episode is weird. Not weird on a relative scale to other cartoons from its time, but weird within the otherwise-great show.


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