Kristen Bell Discusses Being a Weird Little Girl, Growing Up in Detroit, and True Love #DisneyFrozen

Kristen Bell Frozen #DisneyFrozen

No, I’ve never seen Veronica Mars. Sorry. Shoot me. But I’ve never seen it. Doesn’t mean I won’t blow through the entire series with my wife if it ever shows up on Netflix! But I’ve never seen the cult-favorite show starring the one-and-only Kristen Bell.

In fact, the only thing I really knew Kristen Bell from was TV’s short-lived Heroes series. Oh yeah, and as the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Then I learned she was dating cool-as-they come actor Dax Shepard (Crosby Braverman from Parenthood), and after watching a video clip of Kristen’s obsession with sloths, I quickly realized why so many people loved this perky, petite blonde actress.

In short, she’s just ridiculously Down to Earth and downright adorable. And thanks to my invitation to Disney’s Frozen Press Junket, I was lucky enough to join a group of bloggers at a roundtable interview with Kristen last month.

Kristen voices Anna in Disney’s latest animated hit Frozen. She plays the sister of Elsa who apparently has some pretty powerful ice powers that pits her entire village against her, leaving only Anna to round up enough support to save her sister and the entire village.

As a writer, I pride myself in coming up with odd, fun questions that go beyond the norm. I knew many of the other bloggers would be asking them, so I prepped some more offbeat questions. But the one monstrous goal I set for myself before the junket was a big one. I knew we’d get to meet Kristen. I knew we’d get to ask her questions. I was hoping we’d get to take a photo with her and I was going to move mountains to… get a hug.

We all sat at a round table (No, really. I was shocked too that our round table interview was indeed at a round table!), with Kristen a few seats to my left. She was smiling ear to ear and literally had a blast chatting with us all, especially once she learned we were bloggers. Mommy and daddy bloggers at that.

Frozen: The Kristen Bell Interview


You actually sing in Frozen! Do you have any musical background?

I studied music in college, voice specifically. I grew up doing solo and ensemble competitions which was like the nerdy music version of volleyball. And I loved it! So I have always kind of been a musical theater junkie and have done a little bit with voice on Broadway out here [in NY] .

Did you know there was singing when you came on board Frozen?

Yes but I didn’t know it was Bobby [Lopez] and Kristen [Anderson-Lopez], which is so intoxicating. I had actually auditioned for Rapunzel [in Tangled]. The casting director pulled me aside and said I want you to meet someone and pulled [Frozen Director] Chris Buck in the room. And he said we need a more traditional music theater voice for a more traditional Disney movie that I am working on. The funny thing to me is [Frozen] is anything but a traditional animated movie for Disney. It is modernized and different. It’s not a typical love story, and they are not really even princesses. It’s the anti-Disney musical I think.

You are now a Disney princess. How do you feel about it?

I just explode and feel excited. But my main goal if I was ever to be lucky enough to be a princess was to make someone who I felt I could relate to as a little girl. I was a weird little girl. I talked to myself. I wanted to eat dinner next to the dog and not at the table. I was really clumsy.

My all-encompassing phrase was that I didn’t want to play a girl with good posture. I hadn’t seen [a princess] that was goofy. Not the cute goofy, just goofy and clumsy. What if she tripped? What if she really couldn’t dance? What if she was goofy and talked way too much before she thought? All these things I do and wanted to see on screen. And he said yes to everything. It was really exciting. They would just open the mic and record and I would talk to myself. And that was half the movie.

Anna Kristen Bell Frozen

You currently live in California. So how did you get yourself in the mindset for a snowy movie?

I may live in California but I am no California girl! I grew up in Detroit, so I live for snowy weather. Once a month we would get snowed in legitimately, that’s why its mandatory to have sleepovers every day of the weekend because there is a 50/50 chance you would be in the house for three or four days and its always better if you had a friend there. That was my childhood growing up. Figuring out how we could sleep over each others house. I love winter weather and if I ever plan a vacation, I am always craving somewhere snowy rather than somewhere beachy.

When was the last time you made a snowman?

Two years ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So beautiful! We were staying with friends and made a snowman.

What did you take away from your role in Frozen?

That’s funny. I didn’t think about it until just now but I walked away from this movie proud. Really really proud. My husband is always telling me, “Embrace who you are.” I don’t know if this is right or not, but I certainly discussed with people that the trap actors can fall into is when they try to conform or be someone that they are not. Some people are weird and quirky. Be weird and quirky. Just embrace who you are and bring that liveliness to your characters.

I wanted to indulge Anna in all those weird characteristics that I wanted to see as a kid. I think I walked away having created something that I am really proud of because I embrace all of my weird personality quirks.

Frozen Anna

How long until you take your daughter to Disneyland?

Oooh. Wow! Is there really a point when she is this young? She gets excited seeing the toilet flush so I think we need to wait. Maybe two is good? While she is still entertained looking in the mirror and hearing the alarm clock in the morning, I’m cool not dropping a wad at Disneyland. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

True love is at the movie’s core. Now that you’re a mom, do you have a different view on love?

Yeah. I think I have had three phases of love in my life. Growing up, I thought love was something that you feel. As an adult, I realized love is a choice you make and that choice leads you to your feelings. Because you look at someone and go, well, I am going to love you even when you are annoying and you are going to be annoying and so am I.

‘Having a baby’ love is an uncontrollable DNA urge. That is the coolest of all of them because it is the most unleashed of all of them. I open my eyes in the morning and I am thinking about her. After we put her to bed, I am constantly looking at Dax and saying, “Let’s wake her up.” I want to hang out with her. I am intoxicated by her.

At the end, Kristen was more than kind enough to take a photo with the group. As she walked over to the wall for a group photo, everyone raced to the Disney rep to give them their phones and cameras for the shot. Everyone, that is, except me. Instead, I walked right over and stood next to Kristen. She smiled and… put her arm around me! Hug achieved!

I joked with her that I had a gift for her but my wife wouldn’t let me bring it. See, I did my homework and knew that Kristen Bell was addicted to coupons. Specifically, she couldn’t get enough of those Bed, Bath & Beyond ones. So I was all set to bring one but Allie told me no way, she wanted them for herself. When I told Kristen that, she laughed and said, “That’s a good woman who knows the value of those coupons!”

Chill out with Frozen in theaters now!

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A big, fat, honking THANK YOU to Kristen Bell for being so accommodating and gosh darn adorable during this roundtable interview. Also note that this post contains a few affiliate links. If you click through and place an order for any, I will make a small commission and do a happy dance. Maybe I’ll even by myself a sloth. Thank you!

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  1. I cannot believe you have never seen Veronica Mars, you really must see it. I didn’t know Kristen Bell is in Frozen, then again I didn’t know that she’s married and has a child, but now I know. Thank you for this great Interview.

  2. Wow, I had no idea she was from Detroit. That’s where my partner is from, and where I lived last year. I hated it, especially the snow, but I understand why she misses it. I admire her so much, and I hear that Frozen passes the Bechdel Test all over the place, probably thanks to her demands, so I can’t wait to see it. Which I *never* say about Disney movies; I normally see them eventually and grudgingly.

    And I’m sure everyone’s already told you a million times, but WATCH. VERONICA. MARS.

  3. Thank you for sharing this interview. I had so much fun reading this. Kristen is very down to earth by the way she answered your questions. I really liked your last 3 questions and, the one where you ask her how she feels about being a Disney princess now. I love how Kristen answered with how she used to talk to herself, (haha) I think most of us have been there. Thank you again for sharing. 🙂

  4. I’m pretty jealous that you met Kristen Bell. I AM a Veronica Mars fan and I’m one of the many who supported the Kickstarter campaign. I’ve always loved how genuine she comes across as.

  5. looks like you guys had a ton of fun,,I see Mitch there too,,I bet the two of you together is a riot,glad to know it went so well,,my granddaughters went to see Frozen an loved it

  6. What an AMAZING experience!! I love Kristen Bell – and no, not because of her role in Veronica Mars (I haven’t seen it either) – but because she seems so down to earth and HUMAN!

    I’ve seen FROZEN and it was AWESOME! I can’t wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray so I can add it to my collection!

  7. Wonderful interview! I LOVE how REAL and down to earth both Kristen Bell and her character Anna is. That’s actually one of my favorite things about the movie – how awkward Anna is at time, how clumsy she is, how she wakes up with her hair a hot mess while drool is running down her cheek – all just like my sweet daughter! That’s so cool that they pulled her from the Rapunzel auditions specifically for Frozen. And she really sang?! Awesome!
    Great interview and great write up of it. Anna is my new favorite Disney Princess!


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