The Making of Disney’s Frozen!

Starting today, Disney’s Frozen is now available on Digital HD! So yeah, why are you still reading this instead of downloading it and watching it? I shouldn’t be able to hear myself think with all the “Let it Go” voices surrounding me! Okay, so we’re still a few weeks away from the mega big (yes, that’s doubly redundant) release of the Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD & On-Demand versions! Those are coming on March 18 for you …

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Disney’s Frozen DVD Debut and a Real-Life Frozen Hotel

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I absolutely loved Disney’s latest animated film Frozen. I loved the characters, the voices, the story, the animation, the music, you get the picture. And the fact that Kristen Bell hugged me doesn’t hurt one bit. The movie’s still playing in theaters and if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?!? Go see it right now. That’s okay, I’ll wait. Go on… Okay, now …

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Kristen Bell Discusses Being a Weird Little Girl, Growing Up in Detroit, and True Love #DisneyFrozen

Kristen Bell Frozen #DisneyFrozen

No, I’ve never seen Veronica Mars. Sorry. Shoot me. But I’ve never seen it. Doesn’t mean I won’t blow through the entire series with my wife if it ever shows up on Netflix! But I’ve never seen the cult-favorite show starring the one-and-only Kristen Bell. In fact, the only thing I really knew Kristen Bell from was TV’s short-lived Heroes series. Oh yeah, and as the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Then I learned …

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Disney Wins the Winter Games with Frozen – #DisneyFrozen

Elsa #DisneyFrozen

I’ve already teased you with the fact that my family and I saw Disney’s latest animated hit Frozen back in October. By now, hopefully, you’ve had a chance to digest from Thanksgiving and catch the movie yourself in theaters. Or maybe you’re still stuffing your face with turkey leftovers and seeing Frozen for a second time. Or a third… Whatever your status, I’m taking this opportunity to share my review of this truly unique Disney …

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I Was Frozen Back in October #DisneyFrozen

Frozen Ice Sculpture Olaf

About a month ago, I got to do something pretty amazing. Thanks to my wonderful blogging credentials (they really need to make Blog Passes, like they do for the Press), I was invited by the wonderful folks at Disney to participate in something truly magical. I was invited to an early screening of Frozen, as well as asked to be a participant in the Frozen Press Junket the following day. And best of all, my …

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