The Rock, #SuperMilkMan and Me


The Rock is a #SuperMilkMan

Man, if it weren’t for cows, I don’t think I’d ever be able to start my day.

See, like most working adults, I stay up way too late at night and get up way too early each morning to catch the train for my long commute into work. In other words, I’m always exhausted. Don’t even think of looking at me until I’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning.

And with my coffee goes… yep, you guessed it, MILK!

I just can’t drink my java black. I’ve tried and it’s just too bitter. After a few sips of my morning cow juice, I’m able to stumble to the pantry, grab some cereal and pour it into a big ol’ bowl along with some, yep, you guessed it, MILK!

So as you can tell, without milk I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast everyday or even wake up! So to all you hard-working cows out there (Yes, even you, Bessie), a big hearty thank you from my morning to your day.

In fact, I think milk is actually an acrostic in honor of our bovine friends. Work with me here…





Okay, so milk may not improve my spelling, but it is fortefied with loads of protein. In fact, there’s 8 grams of protein in an 8-oz. glass!

I have to admit, over the years, Milk has had some of THE best commercials and ad campaigns around. Their latest Super Milk Man commercial starring The Rock is a hoot. It ran during the Super Bowl (let’s not bring that up, Ravens fans, shall we?)  and here it is in its full glory:

What’s even cooler is that I have a 1 in 25 shot of meeting the Super Milk Man himself for breakfast! Yep, thanks to the super spiffy Life of Dad, I’m 1 of 25 daddy bloggers participating in a contest where the winner gets to have breakfast with The Rock! (I’m assuming milk will be served.)

To participate, we all needed to make our own Super Milk Man videos, showing off the true power of milk in our lives. Never one to back down from hamming it up, I dusted off my costume and went to town:

Pretty solid, huh? I know, I missed my calling. But what I don’t miss is my daily intake of milk! And you better believe I’ll be singing that song till the cows come home.

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This post was sponsored by The Life of Dad, LLC.  They paid me to write this post and video my kids beating me at arm wrestling. Only in America. All thoughts, opinions and embarrassing situations are entirely my own.

11 thoughts on “The Rock, #SuperMilkMan and Me”

  1. I love the Rock.

    The only one that drinks milk in our house is our little one. And it has to be chocolate.

    But I would drink more milk if it meant I could squeeze Dwayne Johnson’s arms.

    Let him know if you talk to him. M’kay? 😉

  2. We go through so much milk, it isn’t even funny! I love that Rock commercial, the day just doesn’t start well without my coffee w/ milk either! Great video, lol 🙂

  3. I SOOO want to have breakfast with the Rock! My sister owns an Outback in South Florida and he use to visit with his family. His rep would call ahead of time and they would section off one side of the restaurant so he and his party were secluded.

    As for milk love it! Good Luck on the contest that is not bad chances.


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