Nerdgasm Alert: The New Captain America Movie Trailer is Beyond Awesome

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer

New costume. New bad guy. New movie. It’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I just watched the very first trailer for the film over on my blogging buddy Toni’s site A Daily Dose of Toni. (She also talks about how she touched Cap’s butt. Don’t ask.)

My initial reaction? Yes, I had a complete and utter nerdgasm!

Where do I even begin??! Cap’s more confident. He’s got the whole “Freedom” thing going on even if it means going against S.H.I.E.L.D.’s style of operations. Black Widow and Nick Fury show up. Sam “The Falcon” Wilson! The Winter Soldier! New costume that doesn’t suck! Shield slinging! Explosions! Motorcycles! Jumping out of SHIELD Helicarriers!

This trailer is just full of sooooo much win I can’t take it. I was hooked like mad before they even tossed in the Winter Soldier. Looks like all the complaints about the first Captain America film (I disagree but people say it was just a long, boring origin story), are more than answered this time around.

I think we’ll really get to see Chris Evans shine as the Super-Solider who may be decades out of his own time, but still holds fast 100% to his beliefs.

Check it out for yourself:


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Hits April 4, 2014

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15 thoughts on “Nerdgasm Alert: The New Captain America Movie Trailer is Beyond Awesome”

  1. Morning, Vickie! Well I can’t take total credit for the word. I didn’t invent it. I’ve heard it once or twice in the geek circle. It’s prob not appropriate for kids because they’ll ask what it means or what the “gasm” part is. I can just see it leading to other questions… 🙂

  2. ok,,you made a new word,,nerdgasm?omg you are so funny,,my oldest son is also a nerd an he would love this too,,my question is this? is it for adults only or is it appropriate for kids?

  3. This is going to be one AWESOME movie…yes I totally “accidentally” touched his butt and he put his arm on the small of my back and well I will hold onto those memories forever…and I think you and I should be invited to the premiere…thatisall

    • Toni, I agree 100% with everything you just sad. Sadly, you have about a 1000% better chance than me at being invited to the premiere. Despite the fact that I am the world’s #1 Captain America fan. Just ask my eyerolling wife!


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