Sebastian Stan’s Secrets to Playing the Winter Soldier #CaptainAmericaEvent

Sebastian Stan interview #CaptainAmericaEvent

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet, go do so now! The following article reveals a few things about The Winter Soldier that you may not want to know before seeing the film. You have been warned! As far as villains go, The Winter Soldier’s a total enigma. Super-strong robotic arm. Highly skilled fighting style. And most chilling of all, that icy cold stare that says, “I know exactly what …

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Move Over, Avengers, There’s a New ‘Best Superhero Film’ and it’s Called Captain America: The Winter Soldier #CaptainAmericaEvent

Captain America fighting #CaptainAmericaEvent

Last month I ventured on the trip of a lifetime. Thanks to this here little daddy blog, I was invited by Disney to go on a blogging expedition full of insane awesomeness. In one short trip, I screened the new Muppets Most Wanted movie, as well as attended the movie’s Red Carpet Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre, followed by the celebrity-filled after party. I interviewed the producer, songwriter and even Kermit & Miss Piggy …

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Gear Up for The Winter Soldier with the Ultimate Captain America Gift Guide

Captain America Light Cotton Hoodie

Spring may finally be here, but a cruel harsh Winter is literally around the corner. A Winter Soldier that is. Yep, Captain America: The Winter Soldier blasts into theaters on April 4 and I for one cannot wait! I’ve actually already seen The Winter Soldier during a big blogging #CaptainAmericaEvent out in Los Angeles this month. I even got to interview some of the movie’s stars too! My full review and those interviews are all …

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Nerdgasm Alert: The New Captain America Movie Trailer is Beyond Awesome

New costume. New bad guy. New movie. It’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I just watched the very first trailer for the film over on my blogging buddy Toni’s site A Daily Dose of Toni. (She also talks about how she touched Cap’s butt. Don’t ask.) My initial reaction? Yes, I had a complete and utter nerdgasm! Where do I even begin??! Cap’s more confident. He’s got the whole “Freedom” thing going on even …

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