Gear Up for The Winter Soldier with the Ultimate Captain America Gift Guide


Captain America Gift Guide

Spring may finally be here, but a cruel harsh Winter is literally around the corner. A Winter Soldier that is. Yep, Captain America: The Winter Soldier blasts into theaters on April 4 and I for one cannot wait!

I’ve actually already seen The Winter Soldier during a big blogging #CaptainAmericaEvent out in Los Angeles this month. I even got to interview some of the movie’s stars too! My full review and those interviews are all coming soon (for now, I’ll just say this: OhMyGodItsSoooooGood!), so stay tuned.

But no, even though I’ve already sat through the amazingly awesome Captain America sequel, I’m dying to see it again. I’m dying to see it with my kids. I cannot wait to watch it with my wife. I know exactly at which parts each of them will be gasping, cheering and going, “What the?!?”

So what’s a Captain America fan to do in the meantime? Why, buy up loads of Cap merchandise, that’s what! I’ve got a closet full of Captain America and Avengers T-shirts. But not everyone can be as incredibly cool as myself. I get it. No worries. That’s why I’m throwing you all a bone!

I’ve dug around the Interweb to find some of the more spiffy, geektastic and awesome Captain America apparel and accessories that will totally get you in the mood for the Super-Soldier’s upcoming smashing sequel. Some are super cool. Some are super sexy. Some are super… well, ridiculous.

Not only will these get you psyched up for the film, but you’ll be the Bell of the Ball or the Casanova of the Cinema when you wear these opening night!

So consider this your personalized Captain America Gift Guide!

Captain America Crew Socks With Wings



 Captain America Fleecy Bathrobe

Captain America Fleecy Bathrobe

Captain America #livinglegend 30 Single T-Shirt



Captain America Athletic Juniors V-Neck T-Shirt

Captain America Athletic Juniors V Neck T Shirt  Clothing

Captain America Hoodie for Men by Tokidoki

Captain America Hoodie


Captain America Light Cotton Hoodie 

Captain America Light Cotton Hoodie

Captain America Star Sleeve Polo T-Shirt


Emaan Men’s Captain America Leather Jacket

Captain America leather jacket

Captain America Sassy American Dream Bustier

Captain America Bustier


Captain America Toy In Circle 30 Single T-Shirt


Captain America Boxers

Captain America boxer shorts


Captain America Logo on Heather Women’s T-Shirt 


Cycling Wear Mountain Short Shirt Jersey+ Bib Shorts Suit Sets 

Captain America Cycling Clothes


Captain America Shield Blue Suspenders



Captain America Hoodie for Women by Tokidoki

Captain America Hoodie for women


Captain America Costume Union Suit Pajamas


Captain America Monokini

Marvel Captain America Monokini


Marvel Captain America Dress

Marvel Captain America Dress   Hot Topic

Captain America Costume for Women

Captain America Costume for women


Captain America: The Winter Soldier assembles into theaters April 4, 2014


Captain America animated gif

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17 thoughts on “Gear Up for The Winter Soldier with the Ultimate Captain America Gift Guide”

  1. Those socks are hilarious.

    The fact that you want to see it again is definitely a good sign. Enjoy seeing it with your boys – they will remember it forever (I still remembering seeing Indiana Jones with my dad and a friend of mine… I especially remember how much he embarrassed me, so be sure to do some “dad” stuff to embarrass them a bit. 😉

  2. my husband would love the suspenders,,he has to wear some to keep his britches up,,lol,,but I can see my son in the socks,,too cute


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