The Easy Dozen – 12 Simple Sunday Dinner Recipes for the Family


Sunday night. It’s the last chance for a nice family dinner together before the chaos of another work week begins.

Dinners during the week are always crazy, and I imagine they’re like that for everyone. Parents working late. Kids having all sorts of sports or after school activities. Religious school. You get the picture. Having a nice, quiet dinner with the entire family somehow seems like an impossibility these days.

That’s why the weekends are so magical. A time to spend with your family and soon realize that you can’t wait to get to work Monday morning! I kid. I kid! No, Sunday nights have traditionally been about sitting down for a nice family meal together. To help keep this tradition alive, I’m joining other Foodie bloggers this month to compile a collection of 12 Easy Sunday Dinner Recipes for your family.

I went with the “easy” route because why should anyone spend hours slaving in the kitchen on the weekend when they should just be having fun with their family instead? I found the bulk of these recipes on itself. I tried to go with fairly simple-to-prepare meals, but ones that aren’t so simplistic when looking at them or diving in to them on your plate!

The first one that pulled me in was the Cheesy Hamburger Tater Tot Casserole. I give that one an A++ based solely on the name! I mean, come on, tossing tater tots in a casserole is brilliant, right?

What are your favorite Sunday Dinner Recipes?

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14 thoughts on “The Easy Dozen – 12 Simple Sunday Dinner Recipes for the Family”

  1. I stay home with our two young boys so these recipes would be a hit every night of the week. Very toddler friendly! Oddly I’ve never heard of I will have to check it out.

  2. I love cooking on Sunday! Some of my favorite dishes are Pizza-homemade. It tastes so much better. Pot Roast with potatoes an carrots. Pulled Pork sandwiches and Balsamic Chicken. I just made Chicken Pot Pie and it tastes so delicious.

  3. I ususally cook all week so the weekend is just pizza an sandwiches,,if a holiday falls on a weekend then I will cook,,and I ususally go with a ham

  4. I love cooking for my family, so it’s hard to pick just one. I think today I’ll say Cottage Pie, which is like Shepherd’s Pie with beef instead of lamb. Sometimes I even use sloppy joe sauce instead of making a proper gravy for it, and the kids love it even more that way!

    I’ll have to try the Mexican Pizza from your list, that is one of my favorite kinds!

  5. My favorite Sunday night dinner from these suggested would be the Braised Beef Short Ribs, I love this with rice, is so yummy

  6. I really like the Cheesy Hamburger Tator Tot Casserole. We do something similar but I like the idea of the cheese in it.

  7. That cheesy tater tot casserole looks wonderful …and so does honey barbq meatloaf. I’ll have to add them to my queue.

  8. We really don’t have Sunday recipes. Sunday is a very lazy day around here so we take the opportunity to use up leftovers…


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