A Baker’s Delicious Dozen of Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Shiitake Stuffed Baked French Toast

I love eating. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And while breakfast is great and lunch is tasty, there’s just something about brunch. Especially if it’s a Sunday. You know those lazy Sundays where you sleep in a little bit and you wake up hungry but not starving. Those are the days to really sit down for a fully stocked brunch. And if it’s a holiday like say Mother’s Day, well, you’re talking super-duper extra-special brunch …

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The Easy Dozen – 12 Simple Sunday Dinner Recipes for the Family

Pizza recipe

Sunday night. It’s the last chance for a nice family dinner together before the chaos of another work week begins. Dinners during the week are always crazy, and I imagine they’re like that for everyone. Parents working late. Kids having all sorts of sports or after school activities. Religious school. You get the picture. Having a nice, quiet dinner with the entire family somehow seems like an impossibility these days. That’s why the weekends are …

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Celebrate Pi Day with 12 Delectable Pot Pie Recipes

Pot Pie Pi Day Foodie

March 14 is Pi Day. Go ahead, think about it. Yep, Pi, the crazy math symbol that stands for 3.14 and an infinite amount of numbers afterwards. So 3/14 is Pi Day. And to celebrate, I’m joining with Foodie.com and tons of other Foodie Bloggers this March by sharing a slice of Pi, er, pie-related recipes. What, you expected cherry? Or blueberry perhaps? That would’ve been way too predictable. Besides, I absolutely love pot pies. …

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