A Baker’s Delicious Dozen of Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


I love eating. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And while breakfast is great and lunch is tasty, there’s just something about brunch. Especially if it’s a Sunday.

You know those lazy Sundays where you sleep in a little bit and you wake up hungry but not starving. Those are the days to really sit down for a fully stocked brunch. And if it’s a holiday like say Mother’s Day, well, you’re talking super-duper extra-special brunch here.

That’s why I dug up 13 drooltastic (sorry, mom) dishes that will earn you extra brownie points with mom when you whip these up for a Mother’s Day brunch! And I didn’t settle for standards like straight-up pancakes or scrambled eggs. Uh uh. I went for the unique, offbeat, no-way-those-are-going-to-taste-good-together-but-holy-cow-they-are-actually-amazing recipes!

From super-special crepes to devilishly delectable deviled eggs, take a look at the 13 recipes above and start cooking! After all, mom spent all those years cooking for you. Isn’t it about time you returned the favor?

What’s your favorite brunch food?


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7 thoughts on “A Baker’s Delicious Dozen of Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes”

  1. I LOVE brunch-it is that magical meal thats the best of both worlds. I think my favorite is probably an omelet with alot of vegetables and slathered with cheese. Or maybe thats what I am hungry for right now!

  2. Never had a frittata before but that looks good and of course I’m a big fan of muffins. Those strawberry mufffins look really good. Can’t wait to see what my crew makes me for Mother’s Day.

  3. I am so trying those waffles. Wonder if they are toddler approved? I’m a quiche person so that looks good to me. Great roundup. I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas. I feel like we always eat he same things.

  4. the roasted brocolli and cheese melt looks sooo good. I have not thought of doing that before.

  5. I sure would love some these recipes made for me on Mother’s day. The bacon cheese pull-aparts and mini spinach quiche look super yummy!


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