Celebrate Pi Day with 12 Delectable Pot Pie Recipes

Pot Pie Pi Day Foodie

March 14 is Pi Day. Go ahead, think about it. Yep, Pi, the crazy math symbol that stands for 3.14 and an infinite amount of numbers afterwards. So 3/14 is Pi Day. And to celebrate, I’m joining with Foodie.com and tons of other Foodie Bloggers this March by sharing a slice of Pi, er, pie-related recipes. What, you expected cherry? Or blueberry perhaps? That would’ve been way too predictable. Besides, I absolutely love pot pies. …

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Happy Pi Day!

It’s March 14. Otherwise known as Pi Day! Finally, a real holiday for us math nerds. Granted, I can’t recite pi past 3.14 myself, but as a kid I used to be able to go out to maybe 7 or 8 decimal points. There are loads of ways for you to celebrate Pi Day so I thought I’d share a few with you. Dig in! Go rent Life of Pi and watch a boy and …

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