Happy Pi Day!

Pi vs. Pie

It’s March 14. Otherwise known as Pi Day!

Finally, a real holiday for us math nerds. Granted, I can’t recite pi past 3.14 myself, but as a kid I used to be able to go out to maybe 7 or 8 decimal points.

There are loads of ways for you to celebrate Pi Day so I thought I’d share a few with you. Dig in!

Go rent Life of Pi and watch a boy and a tiger go on a romantic boat ride together. Or something like that. You can even go behind the scenes of the movie as you learn about Pi’s Epic Journey.



Make or order a Pizza Pie! Pepperoni. Sausage. Mushrooms. Peppers and Onions. You name it! Just don’t put olives or anchovies on. Blech!

Pizza Pi

Photo: Ludie Cochrane


Or at the very least, get your own Pizza Pi Cutter!

Pizza Pi Cutter

Photo: Incredible Things

Go buy or rent Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory so you can see Violet turn “violet” just like a blueberry pie!

Bake yourself a nummy pie like one of these scrumptious-looking treats!


Photo: The Nerdista


Easy Pumpkin Pie

Photo: Instructables


Apple Pi

Photo: Slow Family Online


Shop the $3.14 sale at ThinkGeek.com!

ThinkGeek Sale

Learn the first 10,000 digits of Pi courtesy of JoyofPi.com

Joy of Pi

How will you celebrate Pi Day?

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  1. Are there 314 slices of pepperoni on that pizza? That would be too much. How about 314 thin slices of apple for a pie? I could go for an apple tart. Could there be some simple 314 recipes, like the pound cake simple ratios?


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