My Boys Dressed Up as a Pair of Franks for Halloween

Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe another candy-filled day of Halloween has come and gone already. I tell ya, October has been a crazy whirlwind this year. While I donned my familiar red, white and blue business attire for the occasion, both Jason and Ryan chose some interesting options for their Halloween costumes. Ryan chose to be one of my favorite food groups: a hot dog! And Jason went the superhero (or in this case, the …

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My Marvel Luggage Means I Travel in Super Style

Marvel Luggage

One of my many superpowers is my ability to pack. Whether it’s to move an entire house or get the whole family ready for a big Disney World vacation, I have this uncanny ability to treat clothes like Tetris blocks and magically fit them all in smoothly. It’s a gift. The one thing I don’t have, though, is super cool luggage. At least, I didn’t until I recently hooked up with my friends over at …

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The Happy Birthday Captain America Giveaway

Independence Day. It’s not just a great cheesy movie from yesteryear. It also happens to be the day us Americans celebrate our Independence by shooting off fireworks and eating tons of hot dogs. Ya gotta love the Fourth of July. And this year, well, this year also marks a very special anniversary. See, a certain Star-Spangled Avenger was “born” back in 1941 in the pages of Captain America Comics #1. To commemorate Cap’s 75th Anniversary …

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Finding Peace With Captain America Civil War


What’s so civil about war anyway? Absolutely nothing if you ask Guns n’ Roses or two former avenging friends Iron Man and Captain America. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are currently duking it out on the big screen in the mega-fantastic film Captain America: Civil War. (Super short spoiler-free review: It’s AWESOME!!!!) Why do two teammates and friends start going mano y mano? Well, something bad happens and the US government starts to realize that …

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Win Marvel’s Civil War Hardcover ($35)

Have you picked a side yet? It’s all everyone in the nation is talking about these days. Two sides polarized against each other in a political battle of epic proportions. Oh, sorry. No, I’m not talking about some silly old Democratic or Republican campaigns. Is anyone really talking about them? Uh uh. What I’m referring to is the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, hitting theaters on May 6! It’s Team Cap versus Team Iron …

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