My Boys Dressed Up as a Pair of Franks for Halloween


Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe another candy-filled day of Halloween has come and gone already. I tell ya, October has been a crazy whirlwind this year.

While I donned my familiar red, white and blue business attire for the occasion, both Jason and Ryan chose some interesting options for their Halloween costumes.

Ryan chose to be one of my favorite food groups: a hot dog!

Halloween Costume

And Jason went the superhero (or in this case, the antihero) way by donning Frank Castle’s skull-faced outfit as The Punisher!

Halloween Costume

A Hot Dog and The Punisher. Yep. Or, as it hit me later in the day, both my boys went as a Frank!

Halloween Costumes

Of course, with me as Captain America and Jason as The Punisher, I just couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite Captain America covers of all time. Issue #241, drawn by the amazing Frank Miller, featured the Punisher putting Cap in a fairly awkward position.

So while trick or treating at grandma and grandpa’s house tonight, we did our best to recreate this classic comic cover.

Costume Halloween Captain America Punisher

How’d we do? Take a look at the side by side and you can barely tell the difference, right?

Well, my sugar rush is quickly coming down, so before I crash for the night, let me just wish you all a very Happy Halloween! Hope the parents’ “candy tax” isn’t too stiff this year.

What did you dress up as for Halloween? 



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