How to Leave a Secret Message on Your iPhone – #WordlessWednesday

It’s Wednesday! Time for another exciting edition of Wordless Wednesday! Now fortified with 50% less words…

Jason loves grabbing Allie’s phone and doing God knows what to it. We’re always finding the alarm going off at odd times. Or discovering apps we never knew existed. Recently he grabbed her phone, ran to the living room and started chuckling. He later told Allie that he had left her a secret message and can she find it.

Here’s what was on her first two screens:

photo (1)


As annoying as it is now to find anything on my wife’s iPhone, I’ll admit this was pretty cute.

26 thoughts on “How to Leave a Secret Message on Your iPhone – #WordlessWednesday”

  1. That is too adorable!! My son always mess with my phone all the time, like put odd picture on my lock screen. I was like hey how did you do that? LOL. Or he put all the apps on my home screen and move all the ones I had on previously.


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