Almost Wordless Wednesday – The ’70s Edition

I’m probably the only one who really cares that Wordless Wednesday is anything but wordless. It’s supposed to be a day where bloggers just show off nice big pictures with no text. But everyone ends up writing a novel to go with the pics. So I’ve decided to follow suit, except I’m calling it Almost Wordless Wednesday! Recently, my dad found a few dozens of old slides from way back in the ’70s. I was …

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How to Leave a Secret Message on Your iPhone – #WordlessWednesday

It’s Wednesday! Time for another exciting edition of Wordless Wednesday! Now fortified with 50% less words… Jason loves grabbing Allie’s phone and doing God knows what to it. We’re always finding the alarm going off at odd times. Or discovering apps we never knew existed. Recently he grabbed her phone, ran to the living room and started chuckling. He later told Allie that he had left her a secret message and can she find it. …

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Making Hanukkah Cookies Instead of Going to Bed #WordlessWednesday

Last night after Allie put the kids to bed (let’s say around 8:30), she started making Hanukkah cookies for our family party this weekend. About an hour later, Ryan comes downstairs to say he finished reading his book, saw what we were doing and insisted he help. Fast forward 20 minutes or so, and big brother Jason comes down to follow suit. Who needs sleep, right?