When You Celebrate Hanukkah, You Don’t Get to Buy Santa Claus in a Golf Cart Christmas Decorations

This post brought to you by ChristmasLightsEtc.com Every year for the past, I don’t know how many years, we’ve held a Hanukkah party at our house for Allie’s family. Just immediate family (her parents and sisters), but with husbands and kids, that turns out to be a total of 8 adults and 7 kids. It’s a fun, relaxing day where we hang out, stuff our faces, light the candles and then let the total chaos …

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How to Make a Marshmallow Dreidel

This weekend we had our annual family Hanukkah party at our house. And yes, I’m still ridiculously full. Latkes were eaten. Candles were lit. Prayers were sung. And a good time was had by all. Every year Allie outdoes herself with some crazy new desserts. This year she decided to have all the kids make their own edible dreidels! They were super easy to make too, so I thought I’d share: Edible Marshmallow Dreidels Ingredients: …

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How About Some Hannukah Humor?

This Saturday (December 8, 2012) marks the first night of Hanukkah. Or Chanukah. Take your pick. It’ll be a night filled with candles, potato latkes, chocolate gelt, and whiny kids screaming, “Is it present time yet?” To get you in the festive mood, I’ve scoured the internet high and low for all sorts of Hanukkah ha-has. Sadly, there wasn’t as much as I expected. So put down that dreidel (You were about to spin a Shin anyways) …

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Making Hanukkah Cookies Instead of Going to Bed #WordlessWednesday

Last night after Allie put the kids to bed (let’s say around 8:30), she started making Hanukkah cookies for our family party this weekend. About an hour later, Ryan comes downstairs to say he finished reading his book, saw what we were doing and insisted he help. Fast forward 20 minutes or so, and big brother Jason comes down to follow suit. Who needs sleep, right?