How About Some Hannukah Humor?

This Saturday (December 8, 2012) marks the first night of Hanukkah. Or Chanukah. Take your pick.

It’ll be a night filled with candles, potato latkes, chocolate gelt, and whiny kids screaming, “Is it present time yet?”

To get you in the festive mood, I’ve scoured the internet high and low for all sorts of Hanukkah ha-has. Sadly, there wasn’t as much as I expected. So put down that dreidel (You were about to spin a Shin anyways) and buckle up for some Hanukkah Humor.

via Someecards 

via Little Blog of Jewish Humor

via Comics I Don’t Understand

via Catster


via EpicLOL

via Jewish Funny Bone

via BangItOut

via Two Hartz Bloggers

via Someecards

via Someecards

Happy Hannukah!

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