I Epic-ly Failed My Kids and They Caught It On Video

This past weekend, the weather was gorgeous, so I tossed the kids outside, locked the doors and curled up with a beer and a Yankees game.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I didn’t have any cold beer. But the kids did play outside for awhile and I even joined them. They were playing on our playground, which, is actually a feat unto itself. The only time they seem to play on it is when their friends or cousins are over.

Except they weren’t so much as playing on it, as using it to create Epic Fails.

Ryan had my iPad and was making videos of Jason doing insane things. Like taking a toboggan and going down the slide on it. Not one to be outdone by a 9-year-old, I grabbed the sled and stepped up to the challenge.

And Ryan was more than happy to video the entire event, as well as post it to YouTube before I could even say, “Oooof.”

Take a look at my first Epic Fail caught on video. Apologies for the slow start, but I had a tad bit of difficulty getting my svelte body onto the sled at first. But watch it through to the end, because the landing is spectacular.

Do your kids love watching your Epic Fails?

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