Two Marvel-ous Sequels: Captain America 2 and Thor 2 are Under Way!

Captain America: Winter Soldier

After last year’s Avengers movie, it’s tough not to be crazy pumped for any and all Marvel movies coming out in the next few years!

Iron Man 3 is just a few weeks away, but Marvel Studios has released some initial pics and information about two sequels I cannot wait to see.

First up is my man, Captain America. Set for an April 4, 2014 release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier picks up where the Avengers movie left off. Nice-guy-out-of-time Steve Rogers tries adjusting to today’s world while he teams up with the Black Widow to fight some nefarious foe hiding in the shadows of Washington, D.C.

If you’ve read the Captain America comic the last few years, you know exactly where this movie’s going. I won’t spoil anything for those non-comic fans, except to say this should be one helluva rollercoaster ride. Some interesting characters set to appear include Sam Wilson/Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Agent Maria Hill, Peggy Carter, Agent 13 (woo!), and yes, ol’ Frenchie himself, Batroc the Leaper.

 Thor: The Dark World

Next up is the latest info on the Thor sequel which is actually coming out later this year! Verily, ’tis set to hit yon theatres on November 8, 2013. Thor: The Dark World sees the God of Thunder (a.k.a. Chris Hemsworth who will probably take his shirt off again, so start panting already ladies) face an ancient race so evil and powerful, it threatens to send the entire universe into darkness. And for you comic fans who remember Walt Simonson’s kick-ass run on Thor in the ’80s, the big bad villain in this one is Malekith.

As a comic fan, I am loving this non-stop Marvel movie tour and hopes they can keep the energy going for years and years and years. I’d like to suggest Baron Zemo as the baddie for Cap 3 and Fin Fan Foom (a giant dragon in underpants) for Thor 3, thank you very much.

Which Marvel movie are you most psyched to see next?

3 thoughts on “Two Marvel-ous Sequels: Captain America 2 and Thor 2 are Under Way!”

  1. I am excited for all of these movies! It might make me a nerd…well, I think it probably does lol, but that’s ok. I love all of these! I think I’m looking forward to ironman the most, with Thor being right behind.

  2. my grandsons are wanting to see these movies ,but they really look more for adults an not for anyone under the age of 10,,so im not sure yet


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