For Father’s Day, Give Dad Time to Do These 5 Things

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Grand Central Publishing. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company. I became a father when Jason was born (see what I did there? Jason Bourne fans will appreciate that!) more than 14 years ago. To say I had no idea what was coming next would be an understatement. No matter how many books you read, conversations you have or …

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13 Reasons I Just Can’t Look Away from Lemon Snicket’s Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket #ASOUE

From the very opening of Netflix’s original series Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, viewers are told to look away. A deadpan narrator practically begs and pleads with us to watch no more as an endless series of unfortunate events awaits three beautiful children. No happy ending. No good to counter the bad. Just look away. Of course, like most humans, when you’re told to look away, what do you do? Yeah, you look …

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Attending My 16-Year-Old Nephew’s Book Signing

This weekend was a pretty darn good one. Gorgeous weather. The Yanks crushed the Red Sox 14-4. Marvel’s DareDevil came out on Netflix. Oh, and I attended a book signing for my 16-year-old nephew Matthew. Yep, I’ve written about Matthew’s book Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers: An Introduction to Baseball History before. A huge baseball fan, particularly of classic baseball history and trivia, Matt put out an entertaining and info-packed book from Summer Game Books. …

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Win an Epic Mouseheart Prize Pack: $50 Gift Card, Skateboard Deck, Books & More! (Ends 7/14)

Whether it was movies, books or even comic books, one of my favorite types of stories has always been ones involving animals. I’m talking about the kinds of stories where little four-legged creatures talk to each other, go on adventures and basically act pretty much like people. One of my favorite issues of Captain America involved a villain/creature named Vermin. He was kind of like a rat person in looks and vicious attitude. But he …

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Face Your Childhood Fears With the Interactive Storybook Laura’s Star and the Dream-Monsters

I recently told you guys about Laura’s Journey to the Stars. It’s an incredibly cute and sweet storybook app that tells an imaginative tale in a truly interactive and engaging way. Well, now I’m back to tell you about the follow-up story Laura’s Star and the Dream-Monsters! The same wonderful features from the first edition are all there in Dream-Monsters, but with a whole new take. What do I mean? Well, besides a completely fresh …

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