Sink Your Teeth into Bears, an Inspirational Tale of Survival #DisneynatureBears #MeetTheCubs

During my LA Blogging Adventure last month, we sat through a lot of movie and TV show screenings. One of the most surprising of the bunch was Disneynature’s Bears, out in theaters today. I love animals, as does my wife. She’s addicted to just about any animal show on TV, whether its the cute cuddly variety or the stuff of nightmares like the trapdoor spider. Shudder. Me? Yeah, I’m all for the more huggable type. …

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Someone Told Me It’s All Happening at the LA Zoo #MeetTheCubs #DisneynatureBears

One of the nice surprises of my L.A. Blogging trip last month was seeing an early screening of Disneynature’s Bears movie. It opens this Friday just in time for Earth Day and it’s so worth seeing. Adorable, inspirational and just beautiful. You won’t believe how close these photographers got to the bears! Anyways, what did we all do immediately after seeing the adorable movie? We hopped in our handy shuttle bus and went straight to …

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Win an Alex Woo Bears Pendant valued at $218 (Ends 4/18)

Alex Woo Bears Pendant #MeetTheCubs

This Friday, DisneyNature’s movie Bears opens in theaters. I saw an early screening of the film (Review to come!) and it’s a really touching, entertaining and emotional tale. The film is an epic story of bear cubs Amber and Scout as they’re taught life’s cruelest lessons all set against the harsh-yet-majestic backdrop of the Alaska. Inspired by the film itself, famed jewelry designer Alex Woo has created a gorgeous sterling silver and 14K gold pendant! …

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