Why McDonald’s Will Forever Be Tied to My Happy Place

Filet O' Fish

I’ve had a lot of great McDonald’s experiences in my life. Those Golden Arches (which I always thought was just a big yellow “M”) have been a friendly face since I was a mere three apples high. As a kid, I used to play board games all the time with my neighborhood buds Eddie, Gary and Ethan. Gary had two older brothers and just about every board game ever created back in the ’70s, so …

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5 Pop Culture Gadgets I’m Still Waiting to Get My Hands On

I’m a gadget geek. Always loved electronics since I was a kid playing with my little portable football game or the still-greatest-video-game-system-of-all-time Atari 2600. My friend Ethan used to have a Pac-Man watch which, while the graphics were nothing more than little grey blobs, was still the coolest thing I ever saw at the time. It’s probably why I love reading and watching science fiction. Even a carton as lame as the Jetsons held my attention …

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Chicken Marsala Enchiladas Make for Easy Dinners

One of my mom’s favorite meals in the world (not counting lobster, of course) is Chicken Marsala. She gets it probably 95% of the time we hit an Italian restaurant. My wife’s even made it herself a few times at home. It’s not really one of those easy dinners, though, so she doesn’t just whip it up all that often. When I saw that these new Campbell’s Skillets had a marsala flavor, I knew I …

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How to Get Your Non-Sports Kid Active and Healthy

healthy kids

The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content. My boys aren’t the most sports-oriented kids around. Sure they can go at it full force with the next kid if you’re talking about Super Mario Sluggers or any other type of …

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When Your 5th Grader Has Food Allergies, a Cheap Wireless Plan Isn’t So Strange


I’ve mentioned before that Jason has food allergies. He’s severely allergic to tree nuts, peanuts and seeds. He carries around an epipen with him in a small black-and-white checkered backpack, along with a water bottle. Yep, he can’t even share a water fountain. What he doesn’t carry around, though, is a cell phone. So finding a good, cheap wireless plan is certainly something Allie and I have discussed. Yep, it’s tough raising a kid with …

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