Desserts with Dad – Where Sugar and Reading are Highly Encouraged

One of my favorite school events is the annual Desserts with Dad. It’s a chance for dads (and anyone else special in your kids’ family) to go to school with their kids at night, buy them some books, and eat some cupcakes and cookies with them.

Allie’s been volunteering for it the past few years, and handles buying all the food and distributing it at the two-day event. (They break it out over two days so it’s not too crazy crowded.) As always, there’s a little bit of everything like chocolate chip cookies (Mmm… Linden’s!), donuts, homemade cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and even Twizzlers!

Allie loves volunteering for it not just to help out at the school, but because of Jason’s food allergies. Since she’s buying all the food, we know he can eat whatever he wants without having to worry.

The event is tied into the annual Scholastic Book Fair. They convert the front part of the gym to a book store, broken down by interests and grades, and we get to buy our kids books and help raise money for the school.

I remember the Book Mobile when I was a kid, which was just a big RV basically, with a ton of books. We didn’t have so many choices, and we certainly didn’t have donuts!

Three kinds of cookies, three kinds of donuts, cupcakes, and so much more. And yes, note the pink tablecloths. That’s just how us desserting dads roll.
Ryan definitely prefers the dessert part over the book part.

This year we ate dessert first, and then dove into the Book Fair!

It’s also nice and roomy and laid out really well, but it’s also always soooo hot in the gym.

The kids love paying for their own books (with my money, of course), so I hand them each some cash and they go up to the registers to pay. This year, we even bought a few books for their classrooms, which is really neat. Each teacher can fill out a list of books they’d like for the classroom, and families can purchase them for the class. Ryan was so excited to fill out a little “dedication” sticker that goes inside the book.

Jason and Ryan making their purchases.

After spending 20 minutes looking for books (and changing his mind 21 times), Ryan bought his books, Jason got his and we went back to the cafeteria to eat more desserts!

Jason’s best find was a Guinness Book of Records themed around video games!

It’s really a fun night and I hope it raised a lot of funds for the school. It’s great that so many moms volunteer to help out at this two-day even too, both with the dessert side and the book-selling side.

For next year, I say we add a Sushi With Dad night to the schedule…

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