Happy Birthday, Iron Man

May 10, 2013 is a pretty special day. My little guy turns 10. That’s double digits. We’re talking heavy stuff here for parents!

Besides being Jason’s birthday, it’s also the day Marvel’s Iron Man 3 comes out! And if you haven’t heard anything about it yet, cast your peepers on this just-released trailer.

That’s the first time I’ve seen any of it. I totally love where the story’s going in this one. Tony’s feeling bad, can’t sleep. The affects of the attack on New York from The Avengers is really taking a toll on him. How can you not love that super rich continuity Marvel’s built up and continued to build on over all its recent movies?

The only thing I’m not a fan of so far is the Mandarin’s voice, assuming that’s who’s talking about being called a terrorist. I can’t wait to see if his rings actually have different powers just like in the comics.

Anyways, the movie looks awesome and Jason’s already requested we see it on his birthday, so I better go get in line now!

Two redheads kissing.

Clearly the Mandarin’s not a fan of kissy face.

Behold the Mandarin. He’s dark, mysterious, and not orange.

While I’m super psyched for The Avengers 2, that’s a few years off. In the meantime, I cannot wait for the next round of Shell-Head.

Who else is pumped for Iron Man 3?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Iron Man”

  1. I know have to go make and watch all the hero movies due to the Avengers. WOO HOO double digits before you know it you will be like me looking at my son who is as tall as me and driving (well at school I’m not brave enough yet to let him drive my car)…for the record I’m just not old enough to have a son that age LOL

  2. Never being big into Iron Man, I really do hope that’s Mandarin and I get to learn more about him (the hair, the rings — who else could it be?!) — all I kno about him now is from brief skims of Wikipedia and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1.

    I bet the voice will become an acquired taste. Or mabe something is up for that particular line of dialogue. Time will tell.

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