‘Drop’ Your Fear as Heineken Boldly Asks: Are Legends Born or Made?

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Heineken The Voyage

I’m not an outgoing person. At least not at first. I was always considered shy and still view myself that way, even though a lot of my friends don’t see it that way. Yeah, it’s way easier for shy guys to be vocal online.

When I’m in a small group of people I know, I’m comfortable. And when I’m comfortable, the shy part of me runs and hides. But take me out of my comfort zone and I’m less outgoing than a wall flower.

That’s why I’m both fascinated and petrified by Heineken’s latest social experiment, a global campaign called “Voyage.” The premise? In an effort to uncover whether legends are born or made, this campaign from the company behind one of my favorite football-watching beers, takes men completely out of their element on a true survival experience of epic proportions.

Sure, for me, that could be something as scary as giving a public speech. But, well, that’d make for some pretty darn boring viewing. Instead, Heineken has gone on legendary adventures across four continents.

Start with a real outgoing and confident guy. The kind who eats danger for breakfast and devours recklessness for lunch. Then toss him smack dab in the middle of the freezing Alaskan wilderness on a glacier with nothing more than a giant life-ring, tuxedo and a plane ticket home. Oh, and the airport? Yeah, that’s hundreds of miles away.

 Called “Dropped,” this series of episodic adventures follows different men from around the world, each being dropped in a remote global location with just some basic supplies and directions.

Look for this campaign to show up all over the place from TV to online to mobile. You can really get in on the entire experience by checking out the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel.  You can follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, access documentary-type content and even add your own video entries to the “casting couch” for a shot at landing your own legendary travel adventure.

Now I’m not a big fan of reality TV. At all. Probably because it all seems pretty scripted. But Heineken’s “Dropped” is a whole different realistic beast. It’s not about housemates arguing over cheating boyfriends. It’s about one lone man, completely out of his comfort zone, doing nothing more than trying to find his way home.

I’m not sure whether legends truly are born or made but one thing I do know is that this viewer is hooked.

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