I’ve started a few blogs before and hands down, the hardest thing to do is write the very first post. Do you do an intro post? Just dive right in? I never really know so usually I just start and then let things flow. Kind of like this post. I honestly have no idea where it’s going; I just wanted to start.

See, as I’m writing this, I’ve already been interrupted a number of times. Jason needed mega Lego repair on the Space Shuttle he’s building. I’m a Lego-o-holic so I just love helping when I can. That’s one of the definite “Ask Daddy” moments in our house. My wife loves buying the kids Legos and seeing what they’ve built but actually putting sets together? That always ends with a, “Daddy can help you.” And then there’s Ryan, who needed to show me his homemade alphabet (he created all new symbols for the 26 letters). I sure hope there’s not going to be a test.

Anyways, here’s a recent pic of the boys from our outing to Yankee Stadium last week. Despite being only five rows from the very top of the stadium, we were able to see things happen on the field. Which was unfortunate, because the Yankees got killed 7-1.


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