Free Russell Madness Activity Pages

If you missed my post yesterday about the upcoming movie Russell Madness you missed three very key words: dogs vs. wrestlers!!!

I’m so pumped for this movie, I can’t wait. I’m only hoping the little wrasslin’ pup gets to don a full luchadore mask and do a variety of crazy flips and leaps in the ring! The film doesn’t come out until March 10, but in the meantime, you can keep your kids entertained with these free printable Russell Madness Activity Pages!

Go ahead and click any of the thumbnails below to see and print a full-size version of each page!

Russell Madness-connect dots

Russell Madness-word search

Russell Madness-puzzler

Russell Madness-maze (1)


Russell Madness hits Blu-ray/DVD March 10, 2015


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  • Tiffany Cheung
    March 30, 2016

    cute going to do the word search and maze tomorrow! thanks for sharing it!

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