Some Real Hair-Raising Advice for 20-Year-Old Me


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Time Travel hurts. If you think too much about it, you’ll end up pulling your hair out. Regardless, I still love me a good time travel story whether it’s the whole Back to the Future trilogy, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or even X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Now while I can’t head back in time yet (I’m just waiting for future me to invent the time machine and come back to my time to tell me that I can go back in time and… well, you get the picture), I can at least pretend. Now that I’m 44 years old, I thought I’d give some serious advice to a 20-year-old me.

Back when I was 20, I was in college (Go, SUNY Binghamton!) and dating Allie, my future wife. I was on track to be an English major and possibly seek out a writing career in journalism or creative writing. I was in average shape and already a huge fan of The Simpsons.

What would I tell a younger me if I had the opportunity? Well, here are a few of the larger points that immediately come to mind…

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

My biggest advice to younger me is to stop worrying so much about all the little things. (Good advice for current me too!) In the big scheme of things, they won’t amount to much. That C+ you got in British History? Yeah, that stunk but it really has zero effect on your future.

That whole Star Wars Prequels nonsense? Well, yeah, you’re right. Sorry to break it to you before it happens, but they do make new Star Wars films and they are painful. Like really, really, really painful. But don’t give in to the Dark Side and spend too much time hating on them. They’re just movies. Plus, give it time and yet another Star Wars film will be made and it will actually be good!

Take everything in stride and just don’t let it consume too much of your time.

Be More Selfish

I know that sounds odd but for most of my life, I’ve pretty much been a “people pleaser.” I’ve always relented to what others wanted just because I didn’t care enough to push for my own needs first. I don’t mean to ignore everyone, but do make an effort to do more things that you want to do!

Speak up more about your wishes and desires and don’t just let everyone walk all over you or influence your thinking.

Avoid the Oyster Jerky

Seriously, dude. I know it was fun and you’re young and everyone around you was into doing their own Fear Factor (sorry, you’ll get the reference in about 10 years) kind of thing. But that Oyster Jerky will be the most disgusting thing you ever put in your mouth. Didn’t that putrid smell give you enough warning anyways?

Don’t Wait for Weights

Eating wise, you’re not awful. You don’t drink excessively. Don’t eat pounds of cupcakes or bags of chips regularly. So in that vein you’re good. But no, what you need to seriously start working on is exercise.

Start running. Do more cardio. And while you may think it’s the last thing you will ever do in life… start lifting weights. Trust me, you’ll actually love working out with a physical trainer in the future. So start weight training now!

Rogaine Hair

Your Hair is  a Mess

You’ve actually had a bald spot since high school. It started small but has continually grown over time. Your hair truly is a mess and it will absolutely affect your self confidence.

But it doesn’t have to. Not if you start taking care of it early enough.

If you don’t start using Rogaine®, you are going to look a lot like that lead singer from Midnight Oil. Yeah, I mean bald. As in totally bald.

What’s worse than 100% bald though is 50% bald, where your hair is just clumped all over the place and there’s absolutely no place to hide the barren spots.

And please, don’t say you’ll cover it up with a good hat. You look terrible in hats.

So no, you need to consider using Men’s Rogaine® Unscented Foam. This bad boy treats hereditary hair loss, which is seen as thinning at the crown of your head. And trust me, that’s about the only thin part on your future self right now.

Sadly, hereditary hair loss is progressive, so it’s only going to get worse over time. Using Rogaine® twice a day, every day, can certainly help you maintain positive results. Need proof? Well, Men’s Rogaine® Unscented Foam has been clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in just 3 months. Plus, 9 out of 10 men saw hair regrowth when using Rogaine® properly for 12 solid weeks.

Want more scary hair loss facts? No? Well, tough, I’m going to hit you with them anyways!

  • 32% of men report hair loss by 35 (Cut that age in half for us!)
  • 54% of men are concerned with losing their hair (raises hand)
  • Hereditary hair loss accounts for 95% of hair loss in men and women
  • Men can start experiencing hereditary hair loss as early as their teens (yep, that’s us!)

Now do I have your attention?

Don’t wait another 20 years to consider using it on your ever-thinning hair. My hairline has already receded plenty and my bald spot has created a wonderfully awkward nest-like appearance on top.

Be smart. Live life. And buy plenty of Apple stock.

Buy Men’s Rogaine® Unscented Foam online

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Rogaine for this promotion.

7 thoughts on “Some Real Hair-Raising Advice for 20-Year-Old Me”

  1. Awesome post, great review! Another great option to consider for treating hair loss would be hair restoration surgery. A lot of people have had excellent results!

  2. I would probably scare my 20 year old self. Honestly, I wasnt all that bad, but did some dumb things, although I have to say I learned, I would probably enjoy oyster jerky, I am a bit odd. Loved the video, you are always a hoot 🙂

  3. I had to read the Oyster Jerky part twice…well played on that one! My husband uses the spray but maybe the foam would be better for him.

  4. Great video and review. Funny as always! I wish I could give my 20 year old self a few things too…oh the things I would say.

  5. Great commentary, made me reminisce a little about things. Bill and Ted, Star Wars Prequels. I’d probably do the same things if I had a time machine. I’ll take your advice on the Oyster Jerky, man does that sound bad. As for Rogaine, don’t you have to be like 30 before you start using it? Anyway great post, funny video, thank you and well done.

  6. This was very funny and clever, but Rogaine was invented in the time of your younger self, was it? Or am I aging myself? Thanks for sharing!


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