The Pixie Dust is Flying Over at Netflix

Disney is pretty darn special. Sure there’s Mickey, Minnie, Goofy (my mom’s favorite!) and the gang, but for me, it’s more about the non-core Disney properties. Marvel. Star Wars. The Muppets. In the hands of the House of Mouse, some of my favorite characters have really reached new heights.

I already love all the Netflix-exclusive Marvel series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones (and know I’m going to love the new Luke Cage series too). But now I’m happy to hear Netflix and Disney will be doing tons more together.


September’s already seen Robin Hood, Tarzan and the hilariously awesome Zootopia claw its way into Netflix’s library. But Judy Hopps (the cutest, toughest bunny cop ever!) is just getting things started. Netflix and Disney are two great tastes that just taste great together.

#StreamTeam Netflix

While I don’t have a crystal ball or even an official list of what Disney films are coming to Netflix in the near future, I do have some hints.

The gremlins over at Netflix apparently got their hands on a release schedule of Disney titles for Netflix. But being tricksy is in their nature, because they decided to share the titles in a sort of riddle format. I’ve pulled the hidden messages out and wanted to share them with you .

So what Disney titles are coming? Let’s see if you have the same guesses that I do:

  • Some secrets are too big to keep – Hmm. Could this be referring to the fire-breathing best-friend a boy could ever ask for, Pete’s Dragon?
  • Not even an evil father from a galaxy far, far away can bring us down – If the roman numerals I, II or III are involved in this one, I’ll consider this space opera a total Menace.
  • This lineup is nothing close to the bare necessities – The simple bare necessities? If it’s the live-action Jungle Book that was recently in theaters, we’ll all be forgetting about our troubles for awhile.
  • Don’t let the Mad Hatter lead you astray – I’d say it’s time to enjoy a spot of tea while watching Alice Through the Looking Glass.
  • Just keep swimming – Another sequel could be surfacing here in the guise of Finding Dory!

Sounds like a pretty good lineup to start, doesn’t it? So what am I most excited about? Well, if the original Star Wars Trilogy makes it to Netflix, I may have to keep my TV on 24/7.

But some other Disney classics I’d love to see popping up on Netflix would include Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers, The Fox and The Hound, and The Black Cauldron! They may be older animated films but that just makes these classics so classic.

What are your favorite Disney animated films?


7 thoughts on “The Pixie Dust is Flying Over at Netflix”

  1. This post makes me nostalgic for when the kids were small and wanted to watch Disney movies all the time. Now they’re teenagers and think these movies are for babies.

  2. My faves are Aladdin, Lion King, the 3rd Aladdin movie, and basically all the Whinny the Pooh stuff. I’m excited to see what’s coming now!


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