25 Reasons You Need to Watch Marvel’s Daredevil

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When I first heard Marvel and Netflix struck a deal to do a number of TV series, I was through the roof excited. Then I heard they’ll be doing street-level series like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, ultimately bringing it all together with The Defenders. Yeah, my excitement dwindled quite a bit.

First out of the gate is Daredevil, and with DD’s multimedia resume (Besides Ben Affleck’s abomination of a Daredevil film, anyone remember Horn Head’s appearance in the TV movie “Trial of the Incredible Hulk”?), you’d certainly understand my lack of enthusiasm.

And then Netflix unleashed Charlie Cox on the masses, and I binge watched all 13 episodes over the past week with my wife. And suddenly this “Fan Without Hope” was turned into a huge fan of the Man Without Fear!

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Charlie Cox stars as lawyer Matthew Murdock n the Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil.”
Photo: Barry Wetcher © 2014 Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I won’t give away anything, so breathe easy, this is a spoiler-free post. But I will say that if you’re a comic book fan at all, you have to watch this. It’s absolutely worth the price of admission (read: Go get Netflix now!). If you’re a fan of TV crime shows or crazy, violent, shocking ones like Game of Thrones, well, Daredevil totally has your name on it.

From left: Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson

This series may feature some costumed characters and be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the same world as Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films, as well as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series) but make no mistake, Daredevil is not for kids. Instead, it’s a wonderfully told (and acted!) crime drama that just happens to be set in the awesome Marvel Universe.

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Daredevil is one dark series, and that’s not just referring to his initial costume.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix © 2014 Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Still need convincing? Okay, fine. I just put together a list of 25 Reasons You Need to Watch Marvel’s Daredevil. If you’re a comic fan, you’ll get a lot of these references. If you’re not, then just know it’s a cool nod.

  1. Charlie Cox deserves an Emmy for playing blind lawyer, Matt Murdock.
  2. Daredevil’s black “costume” initially sounded ridiculous but it actually works quite well.
  3. You’ll be seriously impressed with Rosario Dawson’s acting chops. No foolin’!
  4. Wilson Fisk will teach you a very unorthodox use for a car door.
  5. Wait, did somebody mention Elektra?
  6. Don’t get too attached to any character, you never know who’s gonna bite the bullet next.
  7. That hallway fight scene shot in one long take is pure awesomesauce. (Alfred Hitchcock would be impressed.)
  8. “Seeing” through Daredevil’s eyes is pretty neat!
  9. Matt Murdock totally rocks those ruby glasses.
  10. Loads of comic book nods to characters like The Owl and Gladiator!
  11. Daredevil’s mentor Stick is a complete and utter tool.
  12. Battlin’ Jack Murdock versus Crusher Creel!
  13. So where is Matt’s mother? (Hoping they follow the comic concept here, which it seems they are.)
  14. One of my favorite supporting DD characters, news reporter Ben Ulrich, may’ve changed skin tone, but he’s still an incredibly awesome, tough-as-nails character.
  15. Karen Paige has a mysterious past and I so hope it’s what I’m thinking…
  16. Love the fact that Fisk is never referred to as The Kingpin. Let that slowly come into play, if ever.
  17. Daredevil’s origin (and even name) takes the full 13 episodes to come to fruition, and yet it never seems slow at all.
  18. I never gave the Night Nurse a second thought in the comics, but she’s a solid supporting character on the TV show.
  19. Wilson Fisk is a brutal, ruthless criminal, but you actual feel sorry for the guy after seeing his backstory.
  20. There’s real depth to the bad guys, letting you see both sides of the story.
  21. Daredevil’s internal morals battle about whether or not to kill.
  22. Like Gotham City to Batman, Hell’s Kitchen is Daredevil’s playground, and it takes on a life of its own.
  23. Trust no one. Forget The X-Files or even they Hydra-filled world of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As Hell’s Kitchen is being rebuilt, it’s almost impossible to tell the good guys from the bad.
  24. Ninjas! Ninjas! Ninjas!
  25. Daredevil has already been renewed for Season 2!

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  1. This was an awesome series!! It took me a week to watch all 13 episodes, but it was great and I highly recommend it.

  2. I hadn’t even heard of this series. I bet my son would love this – he’s loves this type of show. Plus, he got a Roku from his Grandmother for Christmas and we have netflix so he’s all set.


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