Jessica Jones Continues the Killer Storytelling from Hell’s Kitchen


Gotham City has a real challenge when it comes to most fascinating superhero town. My current vote would have to go to Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

Yep, Netflix already blew my mind away with the highly intense, action packed Daredevil. And now the second joint venture between Marvel and Netflix has dropped and it’s another home run. Set in the same Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil comes the super tough, emotional wreck of a heroine named Jessica Jones.

If you enjoyed Daredevil, you’ll feel right at home watching Jessica Jones. It’s just as tough and gritty as Horn Head’s story lines. Except instead of mob-controlled fights with DD and lawyers, you get a former superhero now working as a private investigator, fighting one of the sickest, scariest villains you could ever meet.

Need more convincing to catch this incredible superhero drama set in the Marvel Cinematic universe? How about 8 reasons:

  • David Tennant (easily my favorite Doctor Who actor) plays the infamous Kilgrave (a.k.a. The Purple Man in the comics), a sadistic villain with the simple power of making any one do anything he asks them to do.
  • Luke Cage (Power Man in the comics!) makes for a great supporting character in the series, as one invincibly tough bar owner and lover for Ms. Jones. And for you comic fans, yes, he even says, “Sweet Christmas!”
  • Ever wonder what it’d be like when two superheroes bump uglies? Yeah, let’s just say beds will break.
  • Jessica Jones is such a “regular” gal, she’s always forgetting to plug in her phone charger.
  • Tough as nails with a heart of gold, Jessica’s always out for herself but just has a real soft spot for helping others in need.
  • Don’t expect Captain America to show up, but the Avengers are certainly referenced when they talk about the Big Green Guy and his friends.
  • As far from a Disney Princess as you can get, Jessica Jones can toss back whiskeys like they’re water, and toss scumbags through plate glass windows without breaking a sweat.
  • Jess’ best friend Trish “Patsy” Walker’s name should sound familiar to comic fans, seeing as Patsy Walker was the martial arts-fighting superhero Hellcat.

Thanks to Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix are a perfect 2 for 2. With Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the wings, Hell’s Kitchen is really shaping up to be the epicenter of TV’s best storytelling.

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8 thoughts on “Jessica Jones Continues the Killer Storytelling from Hell’s Kitchen”

  1. I haven’t seen this yet (it’s in my que but I haven’t finished ‘Making of a Murderer’!), but I love that pretty but slightly weird (in a good way!) Krysten Ritter has her own show. She was great on ‘Breaking Bad’ and in the movie ‘Big Eyes’.

  2. Honestly loved Jessica Jones more than Daredevil. Kilgrave was a sadistic baddie and I Krystin Ritter was phenomenal. Really looking forward to Luke Cage but curious who the main antagonist will be.

  3. I’ve watched the first episode and love it. This is definitely a show that needs to be taken in small doses as they don’t hold back. It’s a good thing – makes the show much better – but I need a mental cleaner after watching an episode lest I have Purple Man dreams!

    • See and I’m the opposite. Yes it doesn’t hold back, but if I could, I’d watch all 13 episodes in one big viewing!!! Too bad things like sleep and work (and kids) are getting in the way of that…

  4. I still have not got over the pain of David leaving DOCTOR WHO so I can’t watch this yet though I want to a lot! But I’ve heard he’s back to be the coolest man on earth.


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