Meet Hatley, An Adorable Online Clothing Store With a Personal Family Touch



I live in the suburbs, have my whole life. While we do have a ginormous, hideous (it really is ugly) indoor mall to fulfill all of your shopping needs, I really do love the fact that we have a ton of small “mom and pop” type shops too.

There’s something magical and special about a small, family-owned type business. Not just the usually unique items for sale but the general tone and just “feel” of the store is way more personal and just all-around homey.

Now, just because a store gets popular, expands and creates a successful online version of its shop, doesn’t mean it still won’t retain those same qualities it started out with. That’s exactly how I feel about Hatley.


Now, I’ve never visited any of the nearly 20 Hatley boutiques and shops across the United States and Canada, but I absolutely love their company history and attitude. The whole thing started more than 20 years ago as Alice and John Oldland’s Little Blue House gift shop in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada. Add in a gallery showing off Alice’s cute paintings of farm animals and soon John’s selling aprons featuring his wife’s artwork of pigs and cows.

Flash forward a bit and Hatley is now a full-on small business offering retailers cute gifts and clothing featuring all sorts of fun animals. The couple’s three sons eventually took over the business, which has since exploded into a great online store full of clothing and gifts for men, women, boys, girls and even babies.

Check out the Company History to get more details about the whole Oldland family. It’s seriously entertaining, trust me. When an online store puts this much fun and attention to detail into its basic “About Us” type of page, I can only imagine the kind of quality and creativity they put into their products themselves!

Here’s just a taste of some of the unique offerings they have right now:

Womens Dresses

You’ll find a large  selection of all types of bright, colorful dresses in some pretty unique styles and patterns.


Girls Daywear

How adorable are these girls tops? It’s like you’re dressing your daughter up in spring itself!


Of course the boys tops are equally adorable. I’d love to see my boys wearing something like this Moose Rugby Shirt!


And of course, nothing is cuter in the world than little kids in their jammies! Just look at these Pajamas sets for boys.


Hopefully you’ve saved a few “oohs” and “ahhs” because I saved the absolute cutest of the cute for last. If you’ve got babies, cast your peepers on Hatley’s collection of onesies. I almost want to have another kid just to put him in that bear crossing onesie!


That’s just an incredibly small taste of the type of clothes and styles available on Hatley. But hopefully you’ve got a feel for the quality and the cuteness!

And now for the really awesome news. Hatley’s having a mega one-day sale on May 21, where everything is 50% to 75% off! That’s at least 50% off EVERYTHING! Perfect time to do some shopping, don’t you say?

Hatley Sale

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