Have You Ever Considered Getting a Mommy Makeover?


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I’ll be honest with you. When I was younger, I was vehemently against plastic surgery. “You should just be happy with what you were born with,” was what I thought. Some people were dealt a way more gorgeous hand than others for sure, but it’s all part of what makes this world so interesting.

As I got older, naturally, my views began to change. Now I’m not saying I’m ready to go get a nose job and some calf implants (props to Entourage’s Johnny Drama!), but I have a completely opposite viewpoint these days. To put it simply, I now say, “Do what makes you happy.”

If you want a nose job, get a nose job. Need a tummy tuck? Get that sucker sucked. Looking for a full mommy makeover? More power to ya!

What it comes down to really is self-confidence. If you’re unhappy with some part of your body or face, it’s going to alter not just how you feel about yourself but how others feel about you. No, I don’t mean people are going to start sticking brown paper bags over your head. I mean that if you constantly lack the confidence in your physical appearance, that’s going to seep into other areas of your life and start affecting your personality.

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A patient takes a look at some VECTRA® 3-D imaging during a consult.

Luckily, plastic surgery has gotten quite a makeover itself over the last few decades. It’s now more popular than ever and also more accepted in the mainstream. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans opted for over 13 million procedures in 2016 alone. (11.6 million surgical and 1.9 million nonsurgical procedures) That’s a lot of self-confidence boosting.

Plastic surgery has also gotten better so that the surgery and recovery time is much faster. In the old days, I imagine it was more like horror films from the ’50s where patients had their heads fully bandaged as they recovered in the hospital for weeks and weeks. Picture the Mummy. Or better yet, Bride of the Mummy! These days many procedures are so quick, you don’t even stay overnight. That’s definitely important for today’s always-in-a-rush parents.

For many moms, I know they give their all (and then some!) when it comes to their kids. Women’s bodies change once they have kids and I don’t just mean while they’re pregnant. I’ve got lots of friends who are mommy bloggers and I belong to more than my fair share of blogging groups. And let me tell you, as one of the few dads in a mom group, you pretty much hear it all. These moms love their kids dearly but over time, some of them are no longer happy with their appearance.

Now plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. Some women are proud of their “battle scars” and view their stretch marks as badges of honor and a reminder of the miracle of carrying that little guy or gal inside them for 9 months. But some women don’t feel that way and would love to fix things up. For the record, us dads have stretch marks too. It’s probably from all that sympathy eating we do during your pregnancy.

Mommy makeovers are definitely all the rage these days but what exactly are they? It’s really just an easy way to describe any combination of breast enhancement and body contouring procedures. Most common among these is a breast augmentation or lift mixed with a tummy tuck.

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Dr. James Romanelli specializes in mommy makeovers in Long Island, NY

If you’re looking to get your own mommy makeover in the Long Island, NY area, you should pay Dr. James Romanelli a visit. A board-certified plastic surgeon in Huntington, NY, Dr. Romanelli and his team specialize in offering breast augmentation, tummy tucks and facelifts to patients in the Long Island, New York City and New Jersey areas.

Confidence and individualism are just a part of what Dr. Romanelli and his team can offer you. Forget about heading into a big metropolitan area like Manhattan to find a specialist. Instead, that same experience and expertise are sitting right at your doorstep in the caring and comfortable Huntington, Long Island office.

When it comes to mommy makeovers, you certainly have the mommy part down. But if you’re looking for a makeover on the physical side, that’s where you could use a little help. And as time has clearly shown, you most certainly won’t be alone.


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