I Strain, You Strain, We All Strain With Eye Strain



If you asked my teenage self what sort of digital pain I was suffering, you’d get one of two answers.

Either I was frustrated at my favorite Atari 2600 game not working (True story, in the old days, we would literally blow the dust out of a cartridge to fix it!), or I was hurting from the horrible shrieks of my phone modem as it dialed into the Internet.

Yeah, back in the days, Digital Pain was mainly related to either getting a video game to work or just dealing with the slow, painful process of sharing information on a computer.

Ask me now, though, and you’ll get a much different story.

For the bulk of the day, I stare at a computer screen. My day job is heading up an ecommerce website, so of course looking at a computer monitor is pretty critical and how I spend 90% of my work hours. When I do take breaks, I’m more than likely checking things out on my iPhone. So I’m still staring at a digital screen, only it’s now smaller. Great.

Oh, and when I finally come home? Yeah, I’m sitting at my home computer staring at yet another monitor as I write posts for this here blog! (See what pains I go through for you guys?)

On average, I’d have to say I stare at digital screens for probably 9 hours or more each day. That’s a tremendous amount but apparently I’m not alone! According to the eye folks over at Adlens, roughly 30% of adults spend 9+ hours a day looking at screens.

That’s exactly why Adlens is trying to do something about the Digital Eye Strain caused by all this screen scoping.

What are the symptoms?


For those 61% of adults that do experience digital eye strain, here’s how it breaks down:

  • 33% Eye Strain
  • 24% Headaches
  • 23% Blurred Vision
  • 23% Dry Eyes

Now there are plenty of things we can do to help reduce that #digitalpain! Visiting your eye doctor regularly is a given. Taking more breaks from your computer regularly is sure to help. As is staying a good 20-26 inches away from your monitor.

But did you know you can wear some pretty cool eyewear to fight this digital dilemma? Yep, Adlens actually sells eyewear specifically designed to filter HEV (High Energy Visible) or blue light in screens.  You don’t even need a prescription for these bad boys!

adlens #digitalpain

Forgot about those clunky screen protectors of old that you used to put on your monitors at work. Those never really did anything for me except make it harder to read anything. Instead, move the filter side to your own eyes!

See apparently that HEV light in screens may help add clarity, but it’s that constant flickering and glare that’s a major cause of all the headaches, eye strain and more you could be suffering from.

These Adlens Interface specs don’t require a prescription and they come in two different spiffy frame colors: black or crystal. Heck, I’d feel like something right out of Star Trek with a pair of these on my face. There’s even a neat little dial on the frame that lets you adjust each lens for near, intermediate and distance vision.

Adlens Interface eyewear is a great choice to put on whether you’re streaming Netflix on your iPad or crunching numbers on an Excel document on your desktop computer. These guys actually have a great campaign running right now all about sharing your #DIGITALPAIN!

Adlens #digitalpain

Yeah, I know. It’s bad enough stumbling upon the latest The Walking Dead spoiler as you log into Facebook, but doing it while hurting your eyes just doubles the pain!

For more information about digital eye strain, head over toe Adlens’ Digital Pain page.

How many hours a day do you stare at screens?



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