I Took the Little Remedies #SayYes2Less Pledge

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As a writer, there were two things always ingrained into my head. The first one involves “show, don’t tell.” It basically means rather than spelling everything out for your reader and hitting them over the head with information, you should descriptively display the actions and let the reader gather the details themselves. The second thing was always the phrase, “Less is more.”

While my blog posts may tend to be more on the lengthier side than others, I do believe in the Less is More philosophy. Sometimes just giving a small taste of something can have a far bigger impact than repeatedly shouting it. And in the case of Little Remedies’ “Say Yes to Less” campaign, you can actually apply this theory to your everyday life.

By taking the “Say Yes to Less Pledge” you just might find yourself living a happier, healthier and simpler life. You can pledge to have less sugar, less distractions, less waste, or less negativity in your lives. Personally, I’ve decided to take a pledge to have less distractions in life!

Life is hectic. We all have a lot going on. And then there’s the noise. The TV, the computer, our smartphones, social media. We should treasure our time with our kids. So let’s say yes to less distractions. Let’s put that noisy stuff aside. Let’s unplug. Let’s focus on the most important thing: Family. Being together with the ones we love.

When it comes to “less” for my kids’ health, of course I’d rather give them the most natural remedies I can. My first priority is making my kids feel better, but right behind that is looking at the available options to reach that goal. It’s nice to know that a company like
Little Remedies offers healthy products that contain no dyes, no artificial flavors, and no alcohol. It’s no wonder they’ve started the “Say Yes to Less” campaign.

Little Remedies #SayYes2Less

Check out SayYestoLess for more information, as well as to nab some great Little Remedies coupons!


Will you take the Say Yes to Less Pledge too?

3 thoughts on “I Took the Little Remedies #SayYes2Less Pledge”

  1. We always used simple remedies when our children needed them. The Little Remedies line sounds good…going to mention it to my daughter-in-law for the grandsons.

  2. Amen sweetie! This one I totally agree with you,,theres too much “stuff” going on these days,,what happened to the days of being outside going fishing or just a spur of the moment picnic? turning everything off an just enjoy the peace an quiet.I do that a lot,,I have a little house in the south (TN) an in the north(VT),,my house in the south has electricity,but no cable,no phone,I have a old clunker I keep there to go to the store in,but its so nice an quiet,when the grandkids come over we actually sit in the floor an play real board games,,the last time we played for hours an they had a blast,,only 5 an 8yrs old,,they made it over 24hrs with no electronics,,,an didn’t even complain


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