Look Inside My November Wantable Makeup Box

The following blog post is from my beautiful and talented wife, Allison. Every month, she receives a custom-selected Wantable box for jewelry, makeup or intimates. I’ve asked her to blog about each box as she gets them, and surprisingly, she said she’d do it! Note that this post contains affiliate links for Wantable, so if you click through and place an order, I will make a small commission and do a happy dance. Thank you!


This month, I received my second incredible Wantable box in the mail. Last time it was jewelry, but this time it was all about makeup!

Come look inside my November Makeup Box from Wantable:

Wantable makeup

 Let’s start with that foundation brush on the left. We all know how expensive these brushes can be. I have a similar one for about six years now. I think it is time for a new brush-yay!

Right underneath that brush is the good for you and the Earth, Peepers Eye Shadow. It is free of parabens, petroleum, fragrance, carcinogens, gluten, FD&C colors and talc. And more importantly it is 100% vegan and cruelty free! Of course, I loved the purple color too!!

Right above the eyeshadow is that Cheek Flash’s loose blush. The” beachouse” pink color is fun to apply even with fingers!

On the top of the picture is Cailyn’s blue mascara. I found out when I pair it with black eyeliner, the blue mascara “pops” and you can really see it! Ignore my unusually large seeming nose in the picture below. [EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s true. This photo throws perspective off because Allie has the smallest, cutest nose you’ll ever see.]

photo 3

The last item is that little pink tube which was very intriguing to me. It was a free sample of instant skin tightener and line filler. Being over 40 and having many wrinkles,  I had to try it! Did my wrinkles disappear? No, but my skin did feel tighter and the wrinkles were less deep, which was a plus!

It was so much fun opening up my makeup box and trying out all of the unique makeup that I would probably never pick out for myself. Stay tuned for my last November box: intimates!

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  1. I really like how the BLUE POPS! I think these boxes are a super idea great for someone who wants to try all the latest and greatest stuff- as Christmas is just about done-I’m keeping it on the back burner for a Birthday idea for my daughter =)


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