Wantable Jewelry for the Wife

The following blog post is from my beautiful and talented wife, Allison. She’s already written about her SpongeBob Krabby Patty Cupcakes and the amazing Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant costume she made for Jason for Halloween. Now that we’re on the Wantable VIP list, I’m going to have her write regularly to share her latest boxes with you.


 Andrew has asked me to write about my awesome packages from Wantable! If you remember from his post in July, Wantable is similar to fruit of the month club, except it deals with makeupjewelry and now lingerie. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Woo!] For $36 a month you can get surprised with wonderful hand-picked items that are chosen according to your likes and dislikes. Through some quick surveys, you get to tell Wantable your specific taste in makeup, jewelry and lingerie when you sign up on the site.

If you only want to buy one Wantable box (for yourself or a gift), it costs $40. I will like giving this to friends who I have no idea what to buy for because they get to fill out their preferences!

Come look inside my November jewelry box from Wantable:

I first pulled out a beautiful gold necklace with green and black stones. I absolutely love costume jewelry so this was a real winner!


The next thing to come out was this cute little bow ring. Don’t mind the wrinkly skin, please 🙂

Wantable jewelry ring

The last item in my box was a a very warm and soft grey scarf. I especially loved this one because the heat is not working well at my job so I need a nice shawl to enhance my outfit as well as keep me warm!

Wantable jewelrty box scarf

Stay tuned for the my next Wantable box: makeup! 

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  1. I’m glad you got a box that you really liked. I haven’t had any luck with the accessories box, although the others are great!


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