Who Knew Duane Reade Could Help You Throw a Killer Holiday Party?


Black Friday is right around the corner. See it? Yep, there it is! Only a few days away! And you know what that means… the holidays are officially in gear! At least the Duane Reade Holiday Season is, but more on that in a minute.

Granted, with Hanukkah starting the night before Thanksgiving (all hail, Thanksgivingukkah!), it’s unofficially been the holiday season for a few weeks now. We’re having family over for both Turkey Day and then a few days later for our annual Hanukkah get together. So no matter what you celebrate, this time of year is full of it. Parties, that is!

If you’re throwing your own holiday bash, you may be surprised at how easy it is to shop for it. You might think you’ll have to hit dozens of different shops to get all the food, decorations, gifts and more. And you’re welcome to do that. Or, surprisingly, you can just hit your local Duane Reade!

In Manhattan where I work, there must be, oh, like 18 different Duane Reades within walking distance from my office alone. They’re everywhere! And it’s a good thing, because they also seem to have everything. Far from just a typical pharmacy (it does have that too), you can easily snag everything you need to have a fabulous holiday party!

Don’t believe me? Just take a look:

Chocolate and Candy

It wouldn’t be Christmas without candy canes, right? Hey, I’m Jewish, but even I have fond memories of visiting neighbors’ houses as a kid and snooping around their Christmas tree hunting down candy canes to devour. Now they come in all sorts of awesome colors and flavors too.

Duane Reade Lindt chocolate
So many colors. So many flavors. So much drool…

I once spent a weekend house sitting in Virginia with some friends over Christmas. The house had nothing to eat except for like a dozen big bags of Lindt chocolate truffles. You’d think eating like 50 of these in one weekend would’ve turned me off to them. Fat chance. I still love ’em, especially at holiday time.

Duane Reade Lindt bears
The most delicious bears you’ll ever eat!

They even make adorable little Lindt Chocolate Bears now!

Duane Reade chocolate
Whitman’s Samplers FTW!
Duane Reade Hanukkah Gelt
Yeah, Duane Reade’s even got Hanukkah covered!
Duane Reade Hershey Kisses
Pretty clever, Hershey. Pretty clever.
Duane Reade cup cakes
No matter what holiday, you cannot go wrong with Mallomars and Hostess!



From egg nog to soda to wine (even sangria!), you can fully stock your beverage bar!

Duane Reade Egg Nog
I have no opinion on Egg Nog, sadly, as to this day I have yet to even taste it.
Duane Reade soda
Yes, you’ve got your pick of soda, including my all-time favorite Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda!
Duane Reed wine
Bottle of red. Bottle of white…
Duane Reade Sangria
Yep, Santa’s gonna enjoy visiting this house!
Duane Reade beer
Yes, there’s even beer!
Duane Reade beer
Huh. The blue-and-white coloring of Budweiser Platinum fits Hanukkah perfectly!

You want snacks? You better believe they’ve got ’em. It’s just not a party until someone has orange-powdery fingers, am I right? Doritos just rule! Of course, potato chips, pretzels, popcorn… I’ll stop now before I short out my keyboard by drooling on it.

Duane Reade chips
I’m a big fan of Baked Lays! Of course any chip is awesome in cheese dip!
Duane Reade Doritos
Cheetos! Doritos! Fritos! Oh, my!


Ornaments, garland, Christmas lights, giant ribbons, glasses, plates, you name it. There’s so much holiday cheer around Duane Reade’s stores, that you can not only decorate your house for a holiday party, you can decorate your tree!

Duane Reade tree topper
Decorate your tree from top…
Duane Reade Christmas Lights
…to lights…
Duane Reade Christmas Ornaments
…to ornaments!
Duane Reade Christmas Tree
For you lazy folks, you can just pick up a prelit tree!
Duane Reade Christmas
Having trouble growing your own antlers? Not a problem!
Duane Reade nutcrackers
Anyone else scared that nutcrackers might come to life at night!
Duane Reade snow globe
That’s either the tiniest little NYC, or one monstrous snowman!
Duane Read Santa Hat
How can you not get into the Christmas spirit with a hat like this?
Duane Reade Yankees Santa Hat
Even though he wears red, we all know Santa’s really a Yankees fan.
Duane Reade Santa outfit
For you folks who truly dress the part.

Stocking Stuffers, Gifts and Gift Wrap

Need a few more stocking stuffers for the kids? Or maybe a gift for a party you’re attending? There’s classic holiday movies on DVD, snow globes, chocolate santas, stuffed animals, toys and more.

Duane Reade gift cards
Snag a gift card for any number of popular stores, restaurants, services, etc.
Duane Reade DVDs
“Be careful or you’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”
Duane Reade nutcracker kit
Make your own nutcracker!
Duane Reade toys
An aisle of toys!
Duane Reade stuffed animals
Seriously, how snuggly warm do those bears look?
Duane Reade Mickey Mouse stuffed animal
There’s even gifts for Disney fans!
Duane Reade dreidel plate
Love this small dreidel plate!
Duane Reade thermos
These snowman coffee cups are pretty darn cute.
Duane Reade gift wrap
Besides gifts, there’s plenty of supplies to wrap things up!

Of course, whatever you do, just don’t forget the batteries! And yeah, Duane Reade’s got you covered there too.

Duane Reade batteries
The best gift-givers include batteries with their presents!

So whatever your needs are, from gifts to decorations to snacks, Duane Reade definitely has your holiday party covered!

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