There Are No Sick Days When a Concert’s On the Line


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Music’s always been an important part of my life. From rocking out to hair bands in the ’80s to teaching myself guitar and piano, I’ve always loved playing and listening to music.

My kids are nicely following in my footsteps too. Sure they may not be big Twisted Sister fans (well, not yet!), but they are playing instruments in school. While I was in high school band playing the saxophone, both my boys took to the strings and are making beautiful music together in their school’s orchestra.


I honestly love hearing them practice. There’s just something so elegant about a viola and a cello. And when they have a school concert, I really look forward to hearing the entire orchestra play. Except there’s always a problem in winter.

Yep, this time of year is always an annoying one for me. The weather starts changing on a daily basis. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Rainy. Hot. You get the picture. It’s a miracle if I make it through the fall and winter without coughing once.

Catching a cold is pretty inevitable for me and the last thing I’ll want to do with a stuffy drowsy head is spend a long day working, followed by an evening concert of loud music at my kids’ school. Which is why I need to arm myself as best I can.


When my kids are performing, there are No Sick Days in my future. I need to make sure I get as good a night’s sleep as I can so that I can really enjoy life’s important moments the next day.

You know how it is, though. You’re up all night coughing and sneezing and blowing your nose. That means you’re exhausted the next day and just want to curl up in bed under the covers and sleep until the weekend.

My kids are already in middle school so there aren’t that many winter concerts left. That means there’s just no way I’m giving in to a cold. Uh uh. No Sick Days for this dad.

#NoSickDays No Sick Days

Thankfully there’s NyQuil which can help me get a fabulous night’s sleep so I can wake up rested and power through the next day before totally enjoying my boys’ musical antics.

There’s a reason they call it the “nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold” medicine. NyQuil gets the job done. Waking up rested is literally music to my ears.

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Whatever your must-see moments are in life, be sure to arm yourself properly if you start succumbing to cold and flu symptoms. With NyQuil on your side, sick days are history.

What are your can’t-miss moments in life?


5 thoughts on “There Are No Sick Days When a Concert’s On the Line”

  1. That is great your kids are so musically talented. I think parents can’t have sick days at all but especially on special days like a concert!

  2. It can be hard not having sick days. I love viola and cello, too. You must read Grisha: The Story of Cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, it is especially good read in the winter with the wind howling and blizzard snow coming down.

  3. I agree with you there are just some kid events that you have to get to no matter how you feel. You fake it then go home to bed after.

  4. I tried teaching myself to play the guitar, picked up a few things but then gave up. I can sure relate to not being able to stop. Raising my 5 kids alone, I have no choice but to do my best to not get sick. I have used Nyquil many times myself.

  5. I think your kids playing an instrument is wonderful. Music is really underrated…. besides the enjoyment, it has been shown kids who play learn languages better and it as so many other benefits.

    To answer your question some of my cant miss moments are my niece playing volleyball or running track- the girl is a super star 🙂


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