Paper Mario: Color Splash is Not Thin on Fun


Reviewer: Jason, Age 13
Game: Paper Mario: Color Splash

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The newest installment of the Paper Mario series is finally out and it is great.  

The story starts off with Mario, Peach and Toad receiving a letter from a place called Prism Island.  When they open the letter they figure out that it is actually a color drained Toad!  Then they head off to Prism Island to figure out what happened.  When they arrive they find that the island is being drained of its color.  With his new partner Huey, Mario sets off on his journey to restore the color to Prism Island and collect the 6 Big Paint Stars that are missing.

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The gameplay of Color Splash is unlike any Paper Mario game before it.  Battle Cards are necessary for you to attack.  Most of the time battle cards are lacking color and Mario must use his paint to color them.  Mario has 3 bars of paint: one for red, one for blue and one for yellow.  

If Mario needs to use green to color a battle card he will use up blue and yellow paint.  Battle cards can be painted as much or as little as you want but the more paint, the stronger the card is.  This adds a strategic element to the battles as you have to decide how much paint you are willing to waste to kill enemies.  That doesn’t matter that much for normal enemies because they can be killed will a normal jump only ¼ painted.

Color Splash Nintendo #PlayNintendo

The characters in this game are fantastic with each character having a unique personality.  The conversations Mario has with them are always humorous.  The game has been pretty easy so far but I have not gotten that far yet and I really don’t care if a game is easy as long as it is fun.

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There is really no reason to attack enemies, as you waste a battle card or two just to get a few coins.  Just a minor complaint but when you open the menu on the gamepad, Mario can’t move or do anything until the menu is closed. It would be nice to have the menu open and be able to move.

All in all, Paper Mario: Color Splash is a great game with good gameplay, excellent characters and most importantly, fun to play.

I give it 5/5 stars   


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  1. That is a bit different. The use of cards, is different. Maybe they wanted to add another element? How do you get more paint? If you run out of paint are you done?
    It looks like a paper game, which is interesting.


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