Sip and Be Fit with Snapple, Plus Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card (Ends 9/13)

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Sip And Be Fit

For pretty much my whole life, I’ve been a soda drinker. Ever since I was a kid, though, I’ve guzzled diet soda, not regular. It’s what we had in the house and what I got used to.

It got to the point that even trying regular soda as an adult just didn’t work for me. It’s way too sweet.

For years, I’ve tried to get off the stuff. Even diet soda, while lower in calories, is loaded with a zillion and one chemicals that are just not good for your body. But it’s just so hard to give up, especially when water seems so, well, bland.

I’m happy to say that for more than 3 months now, I am completely soda free! Not regular. Not diet. Not anything. No more soda for this guy. And it actually wasn’t even as hard as I thought it’d be.

Recently I also joined a gym right near my office, so I started doing some weight training there twice a week. I have a long way to go, but overall, I’m feeling loads healthier than I ever have before.

In just one month at the gym, I’m already noticing a difference. Sure, Allie laughs at me and rolls her eyes every time I walk by a mirror and flex. But it’s amazing how just taking a few simple steps can set you on a much healthier path in life!

So what am I drinking now that soda’s out of my life? Well, for starters, a lot more water! But also, Iced Tea.

One of my favorites, is the ever-popular Snapple brand! Made with real, natural ingredients, I love the taste and love the fact that I’m not putting loads of things in my body that I can’t even pronounce!

If you’re looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, well, the first thing you have to do is start. Just start.

That first step is always the hardest but moving forward, even with baby steps, is better than standing still. So I recommend firming up your fortitude and heading out to your local Walmart!


Yes, Walmart. What better place to start living better through some really simple solutions! Walmart’s got plenty of beverage options available to hydrate your body, quench your thirst and keep you on a healthier path.

In the water/soft drink aisles, you’ll find a slew of choices including:

  • Snapple
  • Vita Coco Pure
  • Fiji water
  • Neuro
  • Brasilia Blueberry Bai5

These are all great choices to get you going! I recently hit my local Walmart and picked up a few varieties over in the Water/Soft Drinks aisles.


You can always tell something’s really good when it’s sold out! I’d say half the assortment of Snapples were completely gone from the shelves!

Snapple Straight Up Tea

Snapple Straight Up Tea is pretty darn awesome. We’re talking iced tea… straight up! I love how it comes in a trio of sweetness from: Unsweetened to Sorta Sweet to Sweet!  Not that I’m against the gazillion other fruit flavors they offer; I just like my Iced Tea plain, simple and natural. Good stuff!

Next on the list, is good old-fashioned H2O!

Fiji Water

Fiji water doesn’t just taste great, it easily is THE coolest water bottle you’ll ever buy. I know Allie’s always gone gaga every time I’ve brought her a bottle of it.

Fiji Water

Seriously, if you think all bottled water tastes the same, you clearly haven’t tried Fiji. Even my 10-year-old son could taste the difference. Incredibly refreshing!

Coconut Water

These days, it’s all about Coconut Water! And I was anxious to try out Vita Coco!

Vita Coco

I’ve never had coconut water before and didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say, it pretty much tastes like… well, coconut water! It was actually a lot more flavorful than I expected. So if you dig the flavor of coconut, you’ll certainly want to check this one out.

Now, any of these choices will help keep me going at work. That 2 p.m. lull everyone feels is usually pepped up with a soda. But not anymore! Now I can just run over to the fridge and grab a Snapple for a little caffeinated pick me up!

It’s funny how such a simple thing as drinking can completely set the tone in your head (and body) for the rest of the day.

What small steps are you taking to live a healthier life?

Sip and Be Fit at Walmart

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  1. Congrats on kicking your soda habit! I hear that is tough! Looks like you’re making great beverage choices now. I will confess, the first time I purchased Fiji Water was for the cool bottle – but now it’s for the great flavor! #client


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