It’s About Time the Lego Back to the Future DeLorean Arrived


The year is 2014. We don’t have flying cars. Or time machines. Or… sigh… even hoverboards. But we do have Back to the Future Legos. And that’s good enough for me! Allie and the boys got me a Lego Back to the Future set for my birthday last month and I finally got around to putting this sucker together. It was the perfect relaxing finish to a holiday weekend. I don’t need to go into …

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We’ve Got to Go Back to the Lego Future!

Lego continues to out-cool itself on a regular basis. First Star Wars. Then Batman. Then Avengers. And recently, Hobbit Lego sets. We are truly living in a Lego Paradise. So what’s the latest and greatest theme that Lego is embracing? None other than the entire Back to the Future franchise! Great Scott! Lego has officially approved a Back to the Future licensed set for 2013, featuring Doc Brown, Marty McFly and the only car cooler …

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