Guys, It’s Time to Mark Your Territory and #DeclareYourScent


As a guy, I’ve never really given much thought to how I smell. I’m not big on colognes, and in terms of soap or deodorant, I pretty much have always just used whatever. No real loyalty on my part. Growing up, I used whatever my mom bought for me. Nowadays, it’s whatever my wife picks up at the store. Generally, it’s been non-fragrant soaps anyways, so I guess I don’t even have a “scent” per …

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  On a regular basis, I spend my lunch hour over at the gym. It’s right down the road (a 3 minute drive) at a place called Retro Fitness. Pretty cheap gym, tons of great machines, and some of the best power shakes you’ll ever drink. I can’t get enough of their Pomtini shakes (pomegranate and cherry)! Anyways, since I’m heading back to the office, I always hit the showers first. Don’t want to offend …

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