You Won’t Be Able to Keep Your Eyes Off of the Motorola DROID Turbo Sapphire

#DROIDTurbo #CleverGirls

Ask any blogger what their most precious possession is, and invariably you’ll get the same answer: my cell phone. What’s the second most precious possession for them then? That’d be a battery backup. Yeah, bloggers (myself included) live and die by our cell phone charge. Let’s face it, bloggers take a lot of photos. I mean a LOT of photos. From funny signs to cute puppies to whatever food is sitting on the plate in …

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How Does Aquaman Use a Cell Phone… or Don’t Get Your iPhone Wet!

I can’t imagine living today without a smart phone, let alone a regular ol’ cell phone.I still remember when my wife and I got our first cell phone. We actually shared a number at first, if I remember correctly. It was really only for super emergencies, after her parents had trouble getting a hold of us on the regular phone. Nowadays, my iPhone is more than just a phone to me. I hate talking on …

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