Captain America Eats Iron Mans for Breakfast


Make no mistake. This is war. Tony Stark started it after being a big fat jerk in Avengers: Age of Ultron and you better believe Captain America is going to finish it. Yep, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is at war this summer when Captain America faces off against Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, with the rest of the superheroes choosing up sides. It’s glorious freedom versus corporate stooges. Clearly, I’m on #TeamCap. Or …

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Watch the Captain America: Civil War Trailer and Start Drooling Now!

#CivilWar Marvel

I told you that Tony Stark was a jerk. I just didn’t realize how big a jerk at the time. See I woke up this morning to learn that the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War had dropped. I figured it’d be a quick 30 second teaser. Boy was I wrong! What I got was an early Hanukah present! Over two minutes of intense, Star-Spangled glory. As much as I loved Captain America: The …

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